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PST file: PST means Personal Storage Table which is a file in Microsoft Outlook. It can be used to store copies of messages, calendar, events, tasks, contacts, journals, notes etc. within Microsoft software.

EML file: EML file is a single email message file of Microsoft Outlook. It also contains attachments, message body, hyperlinks etc.


Why PST to EMLX Conversion?

When a user wants to move from their windows system to Mac OS, it demands to switch from Windows Outlook to Mac. You can simply convert PST to EMLX using manual method or software method.

Manual method is not effective due to various reasons –

  • Long-lasting process
  • Not exactly reliable
  • Contain errors
  • Need technical expertise
  • Step by step conversion in the right direction is required
  • More attention required

Description – PST to EMLX Converter for Mac

PST to EMLX Converter for Mac is the perfect tool for conversion of Outlook PST file to EMLX format. The software is so simple to operate that it can be handled easily by a new user. There is no need to possess any extra technical skills. You will get the output results within very less time with few efforts. This software support all Mac ans Windows OS versions. It also supports all MS outlook versions.

Key features of PST to EMLX Converter for Mac

  • Instant and reliable platform
  • Export selected PST files
  • No folder mismanagement
  • Provide a preview of selected EMLX files
  • Safe conversion of email files and attachments
  • Any size EMLX file conversion done
  • No damage to any EMLX file
  • No need to use any extra tool
  • Demo version is available
  • Easy working on all Mac versions
  • Allow error-free migration

Extra benefits

  1. Work without internet connectivity
  2. Free lifetime upgrades to license holders
  3. Free Live customer support

Detailed working of PST to EMLX Converter for Mac

Only three steps working with PST to EMLX Converter for Mac. You need to load EMLX files and can get easy and swift conversion of all files within a less span of time.


Step 1. Quick adding of EMLX files to software wizard

When you install and run the software, it’s the first screen asks you to load selective EMLX files to the wizard. This will take only a few seconds. You need to use browse option and can load EMLX files manually from your system to the software.

Step 2. Fine preview of EMLX files prior to conversion

After loading of EMLX files to the software screen, you can see a fine preview of EMLX files prior to their conversion. This will help you in checking the number of files which are going for conversion. Moreover, you can examine the accuracy of these files.

Step 3. Provide Output destination

The last and final step is to provide a location to save the exported files. You may choose any location as per your requirements. This will help you in accessing these files easily in future. Now hit, start uploading button and get the output file within a less time period.

Final words

There is no issue of file size in PST to EMLX Converter software. You can use manual method also but I would like to recommend to use software approach for a large amount of database. This will help in saving most of your time by batch conversion option and your efforts too.
The user needs to be attentive and should choose the best possible option as per his needs and suitability. Manual method may be effective in case of small amount of data files.

For more information and to get a license for the software. Follow our official site.

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