Road Conditions and Health of Your Car Tyres

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Manufacturers make tyres that have full strength. However, harsh road conditions are always ready to test their level of endurance. Unfortunately, you cannot save your Car tyres from road conditions since their main goal is running on the same roads that kill them gradually.

In this blog, we will talk about the effects of bad road conditions on your Bridgestone Tyres DarlingtonOf course, we will consider some tips that will decrease the risks.

The temperature of the roads:

If the temperature of the road surface is at the normal level, your tyres will face minor effects. However, the speed of the car along with friction will increase the level of heat as well. However, the damage will depend on the environmental temperature, the temperature of the road surface, and the speed of the vehicle.

Cold weather will make the road surfaces cold as well. In this condition, your tyres may become hard due to the nature of rubber material. Similarly, the summer months will make the roads extremely hot. As a result, the rubber material of tyres becomes softer and provides poor traction.

Road debris:

Road debris may include pebbles, stones, shards of glass, and iron nails. These objects are enough to severely damage your tyres.  Road debris is a common reason for tyre blowouts.


However, you may make your best efforts to avoid potholes but sometimes it is not easy to avoid them. Hitting a pothole will cause serious damage to the internal structure of your car tyres.  Moreover, hitting a pothole may cause a blowout if your tyres are running with high air pressure.

Heavy rains:

A wet road during rainy weather increases the risk of hydroplaning. Due to this phenomenon, your tyres may lose traction partly or completely to experience skidding on the road.

Slick road conditions:

Sometimes, substances like oil, sand or mud are mixed with rainwater and make the road surface dangerously slippery. Due to these road conditions, your vehicle may skid on roads due to the loss of frictional force.

Unconstructed roads:

If a road is not constructed well, your tyres will face wear and tear quickly if you drive your vehicle on these surfaces. Speed is a prime factor in this condition. If you do not slow down your vehicle on uneven roads, you will observe more damage to your tyres.

If you want to decrease the chances of damage due to road conditions, use the following tips:

Slow down the speed:

When your tyres are at a high speed, potholes and road debris will cause more damage. Moreover, high speed increases the chances of hydroplaning since your tyres need time to drain extra water from their surface. Moreover, high speed is the friend of friction and heat. Therefore, it is better you drive your car slowly when you observe that road conditions would not favour you.

Never travel with worn and old tyres:

The tread depth limit in the UK is 1.6mm. Tyre comes with full tread depth but they wear out gradually due to the factors like friction, heat, bad weather, wrong alignment and balancing etc.

Moreover, tyres naturally witness ageing due to the factors like sunshine or UV rays. As a result, the rubber material becomes brittle and hard after the use of many years.

Do not use these tyres for driving. You actually need new of car tyres. If you do not change your tyres, you will struggle even on smooth roads. Do not ask about irregular road surfaces since you put yourself at high risk by driving on bald tyres on bumpy roads.

Keep air pressure at the correct level:

The performance of your tyres depends on the correct air pressure. Correct air pressure means a perfect contact patch between the tyre and the road surface. Therefore, never allow your tyres to run on the roads with high or low air pressure. Low or high air pressure will disturb the size of the contact patch. It will increase due to low air pressure and shrink because of high air pressure. As a result, harsh road conditions will be more deadly for your car tyres.

Buy your tyres according to the road surface:

It is better if you buy your new tyres according to the road conditions of your place. If you usually ride your car in on-road conditions, highway tyres are a good choice for you. If you drive in both on-road and off-the-road conditions, all-terrain tyres will be the best performers for you. Mud tyres are perfect for pure off-road drivers.

These types of Car Tyres Darlington save you from the challenges that you may face in bad road conditions.

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