Role of Typical Digital Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions in 2021

anti-counterfeiting solutions

Counterfeiters attack the brand’s reputation, performance, and revenues. This is because fake goods can make even the most loyal customers doubt their most trusted and favorite brands. Their cheap practices have become so technologically advanced that they even drive away traffic from your site to their fraudulent sites to gain your share of income. If not prevented on time, the results can be disastrous in the future. 

However, with brand protection solutions, brands can save themselves from the harmful effects of counterfeiting. In today’s world, there is a strict need to incorporate digital solutions. This will help stop the supply of a brand’s fake products in the market and warn the counterfeiters that their practices are getting noticed. And if they don’t stop, they should be ready to bear the consequences of the same. 

Anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect your brand value

Every brand wants to guarantee the authentic product to their customers with a safe, authentic, and well-connected solution across the entire supply chain.

A well-formulated anti-counterfeiting solution assesses a product’s information. It includes date of production, ingredients, expiry date, manufacturer, and others accurately. With this information, it becomes easy to track the product’s life cycle effectively in the supply chain. It helps both the brands to ensure transparent processes and the consumers to track their ordered products. 

The unique QR-based track and trace solution allows the brands to prevent the supply of their fake products in the market. Every brand must opt for this highly advanced digital solution. It ensures the authenticity of products by tracing every single product in the supply chain process.

At the same time, brands can generate valuable market insights and drive customer engagement, making them stand out from the rest. 

Benefits of QR Code Reward Program

A QR Code is a unique solution and can be applied to any product. But, offering QR Code Reward Program encourages customers to stay connected with the brand. They act as links and aware customers of the different types of offers a brand is coming with. As a result, it increases the potential revenue and maximizes brand exposure among the customers. Here are the points that validate its importance: 

  • Brands can save on advertising costs by including a QR code in their URL or website. 
  • The QR code can be easily scanned by the customer who wants to gather any information for any further referencing. 
  • Brands can drive engagement by offering special discounts or rewards to consumers who scan the QR through mobile apps. 
  • Allow brands to register the visit of their technology-engaged consumers through QR codes and offer exciting options. 

Get LetsVeriFy Anti-counterfeiting Solutions  

After serving the industry for years, we understand the problems that a brand faces. By adopting our reliable and expert anti-counterfeiting solutions, brands can smartly handle the counterfeiting problems that erode their brand reputation among their customers.

We help the brands to eliminate fake products with our QR-Based track and trace solutions and customer loyalty programs. Brands can enjoy customer trust by ensuring the authenticity of their products. 

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