Run-flat Tyres- All You Need To Acknowledge About Them

Run-flat Tyres

Today, with increases in demand for tyres, the tyre industry is manufacturing a variety of tyres to meet the demand of their customers. The variety involves winter, summer, all-season, 4×4, passenger car tyres, high-performance, SUV tyres, tube and tubeless tyres, all-terrain, mud-terrain, radial, cross-ply, part-worn, energy-saving, budget and run-flat tyres. However, many people are not aware of the run-flat tyres. The run-flat tyre technology will help you keep your tyres spinning even after an event of a tyre puncture. In a situation where your tyres got punctured, but kept rolling and didn’t get flat, that saved you from a serious accident or mishap, those special tyres are known as Run-flat tyres.

The tyre manufacturers have constantly been peeking for ways to increase the overall performance, safety, handling, control and quality of ride. With rebellious technology, the vehicle manufacturers are masterminding their products, not just for your safety, but also to offer you a better driving adventure than before. One great example of it is the Ran-flat tyres.

As the name suggests,’ run-flat tyres’ are the ones that support you even in a deadly situation which means, if your Tyres Sutton Coldfield goes flat, they still can move and roll. Depending on the vehicle and tyre brand, a run-flat tyre can roll for quite a long time even after experiencing a puncture. A run-flat tyre can be identified by looking at its sidewall. How long your tyre will last, will depend on the way you drive your vehicle and keep your vehicle. The components use in the formation of run-flat tyres are almost the same as a normal tyre, hence, the life span of run-flat tyres is almost the same as the normal tyre.


When we talk about conventional tyres and run-flat tyres, there are a few differences that make flat-run tyres more superior to conventional tyres. When you check the sidewall of regular tyres you will notice that you can very effortlessly deflect them by applying some strength. On the other hand, if you do the same with run-flat tyres, the extraordinarily strong strengthened sidewall structure of run-flat tyres, will not deflect even if you apply a lot of strength to it. This is one reason why run-flat tyres are better than conventional tyres. To support the vehicle, the conventional tyres utilise pressurised air and the same does the run-flat tyres do, they utilise the pressurised air too.

But, in an event where a puncture takes place in a conventional tyre, the whole air moves out of the tyres leading to a flat tyre, so the tyres are no longer capable of providing support to the vehicle, whereas, when a puncture takes place in a run-flat tyre, the tyre also loses its air, but it’s always ready with the strongest sidewall as the backup. A run-flat tyre has the strongest sidewall, which is constructed to avoid heat buildup and preserve the shape even if the tyre loses its inflation pressure. When the puncture occurs, it loses air, but still can carry the weight of the vehicle without losing any control and handling. Today, various cars come equipped with standard run-flat tyres. For example, BMW, Mercedes etc.


• it is not always that you’ll find a run-flat tyre of the size you want, just right away. So, rather than roaming here and there for them, it’s better to just give a call to the tyre dealer and check if run-flat tyres are accessible.

• in a few cases, run-flat tyres are not repairable and so you should take good care of them, give them proper service and keep them maintained. By this, you can protect your tyres from extreme destruction and harm.

• never combine a regular tyre with a run-flat tyre. If in case, you need a tyre replacement instantly and in a hurry, you replaced a regular tyre with a run-flat tyre, make sure you change them back to run-flat tyres as soon as possible or else there will be consequences while driving.

• if you observe any damage or destruction in your run-flat tyre, it is always advised to get them replaced unless the damage is small and has been analyzed at an early stage.

There are a few benefits and drawbacks of run-flat tyres. Few benefits include improved safety and security, better control and handling of the vehicle and less weight, more space etc. A few drawbacks include no spare, reduced tread wear, in a few cases blowouts are still possible, difficult to tell if the air is a less, rough and harsh ride, relatively expensive, less accessibility etc. However, seeing all the pros and cons of a run-flat tyre, we can consider it both a boon and a curse. If these run-flat tyres are kept carefully and gently, these Tyres Sutton Coldfield can be the best choice for your vehicle. Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage, we just need to take good advantage of it, instead of catching a disadvantage.

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