Service Errors That Might Harm Your Car

Service Error

You would want to think that the aircraft had been through routine maintenance inspections. If you were ready to board a flight and travel abroad, wouldn’t you?

And wouldn’t you wish that someone has recently checked for loose bolts, electrical integrity, and worn out portions of track if you were getting ready to ride a roller coaster?

Your car is no different in this regard. Being briefly trapped on the side of the road is inconvenient, even though with Car Service Stevenage you can seek roadside assistance if you fall into problems.

Prevention is always preferable to treatment when it comes to your car. Your automobile will be more dependable, safer to drive, and less likely to require expensive repairs if you keep it maintained and get regular servicing.

Basics of car upkeep and repair to prolong the life of your vehicle

Prevention is 1000 times better than cure when it comes to your car. Major repairs brought on by carelessness can get avoided with simple maintenance.

Many people neglect performing basic auto maintenance for unknown reasons. One of the most frequent ways to ruin a perfectly decent automobile is to neglect routine maintenance. A premature trip to the junkyard for your car might result from using the same spark plugs for too long, neglecting to replace the oil, and not paying attention to strange clunking or squealing noises from the brakes. Officers can issue you citations for bald tyres, broken seat belts, cracked windscreens, and a number of other problems during random roadside inspections.

Maintaining your vehicle in top shape can help you save a tonne of money over time while making you safer on the road. Prevention is 1000 times better than cure when it comes to your car. Major repairs brought on by carelessness can get avoided with simple maintenance.

Read The Instruction Handbook.

Although it may not be as exciting to read as the newest best-selling book. Your car’s service manual is still packed with useful advice and instructions, including which fluids to top off (and how frequently), how to check tyre pressure, what to do if your engine overheats, and how to change the bulbs in your blinker lights. It will explain the proper technique to carry out simple maintenance tasks.

Don’t Fail to Show Up For The Appointment

You can find the dates of your scheduled services in your owner’s manual. They often require a comprehensive inspection of the car and prompt replacement of any worn parts such as timing belts and spark plugs.

Planned Maintenance Through Your Dealer Has Two Key Benefits:

  • You are certain to receive authentic components and knowledge.
  • There is a written record of the vehicle’s service history, which is significant to buyers. If you ever decide to sell the vehicle.

Common Errors That Might Harm Your Car

You want your automobile to survive as long as possible since you are a proud owner. Do no harm is the first guideline for taking care of it. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Riding Your Brakes Down A Long Hill

Riding all the way down a lengthy slope will ensure that your brake pads become extremely hot. Which will accelerate their rate of wear. Alternating between braking and releasing the brake is a superior strategy.

Engine Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

The dust on your concrete driveway can get removed with pressure washers. But your car’s engine. Which is a complicated piece of machinery with numerous tiny cables, sensors, and components, is not so easy to clean.

It is just not a good idea to use a powerful water jet because. It can instantly remove rubber seals, electrical components, and hoses.

You only need to clean a dirty engine once or twice a year and all you really need are a few rags and some degreaser solution.

Leaving Your Oil Unchanged

Waiting an oil change until the engine fluid resembles thick, black molasses must be the most prevalent mistake made by car owners.

You should change your oil as frequently as your car’s manual recommends because old engine oil does absolutely no benefit for your vehicle (and this frequency varies between models). Don’t forget to occasionally replace the oil filter as well.

Not Applying The Parking Brake

Use the parking brake at all times whether you park your car on a slight slope or a rather flat area of land.

Using the park brake relieves pressure on your transmission. Which is not intended to hold your automobile steady, aside from the obvious safety benefits. Developing the habit of applying your park brake could potentially extend the lifespan of your car by many years.


You’ll be well ahead of the game when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly. If you regularly check under the bonnet, listen for unusual engine noises, periodically check underneath. The car for new and mysterious leaks, follow the Car Service Stevenage schedule in your owner’s manual, and fix minor issues before they turn into bigger ones.

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