Servicing at the Manufacturer’s Dealership- Is It Ideal?

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Nowadays, multiple garages and manufacturer’s dealerships are available to the customers for repairs and servicing. But car owners face a dilemma of which one to choose for their Car Service Coventry.

But while there are various merits in opting for servicing by the Manufacturer’s Dealership, there are a few demerits too. Weighing all its advantages and disadvantages, you can decide which one suits you the best.

Advantages of Servicing at the Manufacturer’s Dealership

Manufacturer’s Dealerships are preferred over independent garages by many customers. Since they are brand specific and reliable, people often get their cars serviced there. Here are all the benefits you can get at the manufacturer’s dealership:

  • Highly Skilled Mechanics- Mechanics at independent garages are also just as skilled as these mechanics. The difference lies in the fact that mechanics at a manufacturer’s dealerships deal with mostly the same brand’s cars.

It means they are far more experienced in handling the models of that brand’s cars. It leads them to be quicker and more efficient in their work.

  • More Resources and Tools- Having a malfunctioning part is bothersome because the parts take so long to find. If you visit your regular garage, they would have to order the parts, and it will take a long time. However, at manufacturer’s dealerships, they usually have various such parts available.  

You will save a lot of time and effort because of it. Another aspect is that with the tools and resources at dealerships, you will find much better resources for repair work than at garages. Since they are bigger companies, they spend a lot more on resources, and thus their equipment is high-end.

  • Ability to Avail Warranty Repairs- You can check the warranty card of your car and see if it gets covered by warranty. If it is then it is best to go to the manufacturer’s dealership to get it repaired. All the repair work will get covered under the warranty, and you will be able to save much time and money.

Disadvantages of Servicing at the Manufacturer’s Dealership

While there are various benefits of getting your car serviced at the dealership, it has some striking disadvantages. You need to consider them to see if the dealership is a better option for you. Here are the disadvantages of it:

  • Higher Prices- Since the dealerships usually have high-end equipment and trained staff, they charge more than a garage would. Even the prices for minor repair work or servicing are a bit expensive for the common man. It is due to the higher quality of the repair, but the costs are still quite hefty.
  • Possibility of Adding Unnecessary Repairs- Most car owners only understand the basic needs of the cars and what repair works are essential. It is why sometimes the staff at dealerships may add on unnecessary checks and repairs. 

While they are ideal for your vehicle, they aren’t essential. They only add to the already high prices and cost way too much for the average car owner.

  • Strictly Professional Staff- While you can befriend your local garage owner and develop a positive relationship with them, it isn’t the same at dealerships. Since dealership staff have to deal with so many people daily, they can’t engage with you even for short times. 

But garages have better customer relations, so you can receive intuitive advice on repairs and even better prices.

Which servicing should you go for?

Now that you have seen all the merits and demerits of the manufacturer’s dealership servicing, you must wonder which to go for. If you already have a warranty on your vehicle or don’t mind spending a little extra on repair work and servicing, you should go for the manufacturer’s dealership.

But if you want to get affordable servicing and only receive the necessary repair work, garages are preferable. It all comes down to which choice suits your needs best, and now you can weigh the pros and cons to decide.


Manufacturer’s dealerships offer high-quality servicing and repairs to their customers. On the other hand, garages work hard to provide various repair works and services to their customers. 

Depending on what services you require, like Wheel Alignment Coventry, and decide which one you would prefer for your car. 

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