Should You Shave Against the Grain?

shave against the grain

A question we have in our mind is should you shave against the grain? Shaving is a common and needy process. So you should choose your shaving tools and equipment wisely. Now day’s individuals choose electric shavers to get a better shaving experience. Using the best electric shavers in India will help you avoid razor burn and shaving against the grain.

What Electric Shavers Can Do For You?

Electric Shavers help to get smooth shaving as they are handy. Some electric shavers like an electric shaver for men by skull shavers are very handy. And you can use it smoothly on your skin as you can rotate it round and round for perfect shaving. But if you still using the normal razor then you should know so the concept of shaving. And, the main question is should you shave against the grain?

So you have a great meeting coming up and you want to look your best. You have chosen your watch, your shoes, and your costume. Your daughter has heard your pitch 1,000 times, you’ve practiced your presentations in the mirror, and you’ve done almost everything to prepare.

On the morning of the meeting, however, you have a serious decision to make. Is it good to shave against the grain or not?

Well it depends: do you want to look like a 7 year old kid who just picked up his dad’s razor for the first time, or do you want to look like a competent grown man?

It’s hard, we know that. But we’re tired of hearing people mistakenly claim that it’s a “good idea” to shave against the tide. This is one of our main repeatedly asked questions, so we have to answer it completely.

Here, we’ll tell you why jumping on this “new trend” is the worst choice you can make this year.

Why You Shouldn’t Shave Against the Grain?

In recent years, the shaving industry has been valued at nearly $ 3 billion. For both men and women, shaving is the most popular method of hair removal.

But if you don’t shave properly, not only will you end up looking pretty rough (not to mention feeling a bit like a cactus), you also won’t get the closest shave possible.

First of all, let’s make sure we know exactly what this mysterious “grain” is.

Fundamentally, the grain is the direction of your hair growth. Your hair can grow in different directions depending on where it is on your face. Many men notice that while the hair on their cheeks grows downward, the hair on their chin grows upward.

If you shave “with” the grain, you will pull the razor in the same direction as your hair growth. So if you shave your chin, where the hairs grow down, to shave with the grain, lower your razor.

Obviously, if you went the “backwash” route, you would be shaving against the direction of hair growth.

This is probably the reason why you notice that you shave a lot closer at your hairdresser – because he shaves your hair in all directions, depending on the growth on different parts of your face.

If you can’t figure out which way your hair is growing even after hours of staring in the mirror, it’s much easier to slowly run your fingers across your face.

Plus, it doesn’t make a difference whether you use an electric razor or go the old-school route. You must shave with the grain at all times.

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