Shower Designs for Modern Shower Areas in India

Shower Designs for Modern Shower Areas in India

What Are the Features You Need in Your Shower Head?

Attributes like a high-pressure shower head, varied spray patterns, water efficiency, quality of material, or just personal preference in designs, and finish, are what make a shower head the best shower head for your bathroom!

Shower heads may be readily changed to fit your demands for comfort, function, and size.

Shower heads come in a range of sizes, colours, and materials, such as tempered glass, stainless steel, and aluminium. For a wide assortment of showers in different sizes, finishes, and designs as well as our installation instructions to see exactly how simple they are to install, visit Ruhe’s Online Store.

Top Designs of Indian Bathroom Shower

Square Rain Shower

The square-shaped shower head is increasingly gaining popularity in contemporary bathrooms. It has a neat and sharp aesthetic. It is a bathroom fitting that stands out in your entire shower area. There are many spray patterns available in this shape. These square-shaped showers are also available in an ultra-sleek model. The shower head is thinner than a plate which enables intense shower flow, just like monsoon rains!

Round Overhead Shower

Conventional showerheads never go out of style. Available in various sizes, these showerheads give you full-body coverage and a soothing spa-like experience. The direction of the flow can be adjusted by moving the showerheads according to your convenience.

Handheld Shower

These showers allow you to control the direction of the flow of water. Hand showers are ideal for bathing pets, watering decorative plants in the bathroom, cleaning the washroom and so on. Hand showers are best used when you just need a quick hair bath!

Top Installations with Bathroom Shower

top things for shower room

Shower Drain Channel

With such intensely pressured showers, it is important that you have a floor drain that enables quick drainage. The linear shower drain channels will do the trick for you. These long floor drains can be installed parallel to one corner. These drains suck in huge amounts of water at a time keeping your shower areas dry all the time.

Telephonic Water Tap

The telephonic wall mixers are another valuable and versatile addition to shower areas. The telephonic mixer faucets allow you to easily attach your hand showers to the water source. This means that now you have a single point of operation for your overhead showers, your hand shower and your normal faucets.

Soap Dishes

Wall-mounted soap dishes are useful fixtures you can get installed in your shower areas. Instead of having a single shelf carry all your toiletries, you can give your bathing soaps their designated space! This will avoid clutter and give your bathroom the luxurious touch it needs!


Q1. How to Choose the Best Indian Bathroom Shower?

You can choose the best when you are presented with the best options! And for that, you can straightaway head to Ruhe’s online store. The variety there is unparalleled and absolutely amazing. You will surely find the right fixtures to adorn your bathroom.

Q2. Is it Better to Choose Bath Shower Online?

Yes! And why not! The bathroom shower may not be like your clothes, cosmetics, or toiletries, but it is one of the essential things in your bathrooms these days. And when you have an opportunity to buy showers online

Q3. Where Can I Find the Widest Bathroom Shower Designs?

At Ruhe online store, you will find the widest range of kitchen and bathroom accessories and fittings. You can get the best designs and offers for various bathroom and kitchen fittings on this website.

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