Six Tyre Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

Tyre Maintenance

Tyres are like the feet of a car. You may have the best fuel efficiency or massive horsepower. But to maintain these attributes, you must take care of your tyre. It’s the only link your vehicle has with the road surface, and hence it’s essential.

Any tyre failure – even a puncture – is a huge trouble. But one can avoid these problems with proper tyre maintenance. In this blog, we’ll discuss six simple tyre maintenance tips that will keep your tyres in top working order and ensure your safety on the road.

Following Are Some Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help You Do That:

Check Tyre Pressure Monthly – Tyres can lose some air per month due to everyday usage. In colder conditions, they tend to lose even more pressure. So if you depend on your auto garage to check the inflation pressure on the tyre only during tyre rotations or oil replacement, you are putting your safety at risk. The manufacturers recommend specific tyre pressure for all tyres. You can find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle in your owner’s manual. Over and under-inflation can cause problems to the tyre. When your Tyres Morley are over-inflated, they won’t grip the road well, hampering your road safety.

Inspect Tyres Routinely – When you hit a road irregularity such as a kerb or a sharp rock, you look for damage as soon as possible. But remember, even if the car’s exterior looks great, there can be damage inside. Although they may not leak, they can fail suddenly. It’s better to get to a tyre shop so it can be demounted and given an internal inspection.

Also, the tyre’s tread tends to wear out over time. The legal tread limit of a tyre is 1.6mm. If your car tyre’s tread goes below that, consider changing it. It’s unsafe to drive on such tyres as they cannot grip the road well and lead to hazardous conditions.

Rotate Your Tyres – Experts recommend rotating your tyres every 6,000-8,000 miles to maintain even tread wear and increase the longevity of the tyres. This service is inexpensive, and some of the tyre shops even do it for free when you buy a set of tyres. So, don’t forget to rotate your tyres routinely.

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle – All tyres come with the load rating index. It means how much weight your car can safely support. You can find this information on the placard in your door frame. Overloading an automobile can also lead to tyre failure.

Timely Replace the Tyres – Tyres come with service life. Usually, a tyre provides the desired performance for 5-6 years. And, driving the vehicle on tyres past their service life can put you and your passengers in danger. Most car tyres contain a wear bar between the tyre’s tread. If the tread depth seems to be at or below this bar, it’s time for new tyres.

Don’t Mix and Match – Mismatching the car tyres can negatively affect your car’s handling and cause uneven wear and tear on other essential car components and the rest of your tyres. You should always buy tyres in a pair. Put the new tyres on your vehicle’s rear side, no matter the type of vehicle you own.

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