Small Dog Toys

You’re sure to need a few small dog toys for your little pet, particularly if you find him chewing your shoes, newspapers and clothes. Buying small dog toys is much the same as buying toys for your kid—you still have to consider safety and durability.

What to look for when buying:

Before buying, inspect the toys minutely for any small parts that can be removed by chewing and can eventually choke him, or if he swallows it, it can lodge itself in his intestine and cause him major problems, sometimes fatal too.

Also, check for any cause of irritation, such as Styrofoam pieces of fibre that can cause him to choke. If the toy you choose comes with a squeaker, he might chew the whole toy, including the squeaker and choke on it.

When you select small dog toys, take your pet’s personality into account. If he’s constantly chewing anything that comes his way, buy him a durable rubber toy or if he chews old cloth rags, perhaps he’d enjoy having a rag doll. These days, there is no shortage of toys for small dogs, but you should take your pet along so that you can see if he adjusts to it.

Once you get the perfect toy for your small dog, it will give him hours of amusement and keep him away from accidents and injuries. And, of course, your clothes and shoes will no longer interest him as chewable items.

How To Choose Size of toys:

Small dog toys should never be so small that they go into its mouth entirely, nor should they be capable of being broken into several pieces that could get stuck in its mouth or throat. If it’s very small, it can block its windpipe, and he could suffocate to death. You could get him a tennis ball or a large hard rubber ball that he can bite but not chew. Ensure it’s not cracked.

Small dog toys to choose from:

You could buy him some rawhide sticks if he loves chewing.

Nylabones, too are a good option for chewy dogs—they are safe and durable.

Toys like Kongs are also good since they can’t be broken up. If your pet loves water, get him a dog pool, but one he can climb out of by himself. The sides of the pool should be low. Vinyl soft toys also work well since they go flat to adjust to the dog’s mouth.

Rope toys can keep him busy for hours because they involve pulling, tugging and chasing. This results in your dog having clean teeth.

Snuggle toys are the perfect small dog toys for pets who suffer from separation anxiety. Your small dog is sure to enjoy playing with a nylon Frisbee that is gentle on the mouth and teeth and helps them exercise and plays in perfect safety. Give him a cuddly toy he can snuggle up to, and he will feel as if he has a friend while you’re away at work.

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