Some Useful Tips To Increase Attention Span in Preschoolers

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Children are naturally curious in behavior. They always find something engaging and interesting to indulge due to which it is often problematic for them to concentrate. Even it becomes more difficult to prepare a preschooler for upcoming school norms. That is why a good daycare in Gurgaon always focuses on playful activities that will help a preschooler to learn about the school environment

With the rapid usage of mobile and video games, it’s getting more difficult for kids to concentrate. But there are a lot of ways that you can teach your young one to learn new things that will help him to adjust to the school curriculum later. A ton of games, activities, puzzles are there to give him knowledge about numbers, alphabets and a lot more. Here in this article, we will be providing a variety of activity plans that can help your kid to concentrate more and learn better

What Is Attention Span?

Attention span is the undivided time a child can give to a specific task without any external distraction. It requires blocking all the stimulation such as visual stimulation, sound stimulation or any other sort of unwanted stimulation. By increasing the concentration span in preschoolers it will be easier for him to adapt school regulations. It has been observed that a lesser attention span in preschoolers can make it even harder for a child to adjust later in life.

The General Attention Span Of A Preschooler

A study has revealed that the attention span of an individual is 2-3 minutes per year of age. So a toddler between 3-5 years can concentrate for 9 -15 minutes a day. So an average preschooler can concentrate for 15 minutes per day. If your child can concentrate beyond this mentioned time then it’s good for both his development but if his concentration span is less than 7 minutes then it is alarming and you need to take certain measures to improve his concentration level.

Tips To Improve Child’s Attention

Create Learning Environment For Better Concentration: Learning environment depends on the surroundings as well as on the child’s adaptability. So one first needs to understand the child’s needs and what kind of environment is suitable for his learning. Most of the children prefer a quiet place to concentrate while others prefer a bit of a playful atmosphere.

Break down the study material to help a child to pay more attention: Sometimes an entire study material seems boring and is difficult for a child to concentrate on. In such cases, it is a wise idea to break it down into smaller parts. A smaller section is easy to understand and remember and needs less time to focus. Thus by dividing the entire task into several segments a child can easily learn and remember it. Encourage him more while he completes a segment so that the can stay motivated to complete the whole task. Some of the best daycare in Gurgaon use this particular method to gain learners’ focus.

Include Fun activities to improve concentration: It is one of the best methods to help a toddler to learn, adapt, remember & most important focus. Activities increase a child’s attention as they feel more connected and energized. A daycare in Gurgaon uses the following activities to help a child to increase their attention plan

  • Game of focus:Encourage him to play board games like snake ludos or thinking games so that they can find a way of focusing that is much more interesting.
  • Coin Game: Encourage your child to play with coins by arranging them from smallest to largest or reverse. In this way, he will develop attention skills and will learn math as an added benefit.
  • Puzzles: Give your child puzzles and motivate him to play with one. This will help him to focus more and will learn more about shape, colour and size.
  • Storytelling: This is a traditional yet great method of increasing attention span in children. Apart from gaining attention skills, storytelling helps your child to increase his vocabulary and help him to communicate with his peers and others.

Attention Exercises: These exercises are proven to be helpful for your toddler to refocus on a task. Here five of them are mentioned which you can try anytime if you feel that your child is getting out of focus within a task

  • Tell your child to touch his shoes by bending over
  • Ask him to stretch his toes forward & backwards
  • Instruct him to move his hands like a flying bird and shrug shoulders forward & backwards
  • Practice balance by standing on one leg for 5-10 seconds
  • Hopscotch drill


Getting the attention of a child is surely a difficult task but can be done effectively if proper methods are followed. Good attention span in a toddler will help him to excel in academics and later in every aspect of his life.

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