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The arrival of the summer season brings with it the opportunity of countless outdoor and fun activities under the sun that one must not miss. The previous year has made us appreciate the blessings of being outdoors greater than ever before.

I am sure that, like myself, you too have a huge list of outdoor activities planned for your family this summer. Most of which include being in the sun. From beach vacations, backyard pool parties, and BBQs to hiking in the forest or visiting the desert.

As fun as it may sound, prolonged exposure to the scorching summer sun requires protection against ultraviolet rays.

Is Sun Tan Bad?

Sun tanning is one of the most popular activities done by a vast majority of individuals.

Is sun tan good for the skin? No

Is there a safe amount of being sun-tanned? No again.

Getting tanned in the sun is not only bad because it causes sunburn but because it can lead to severe consequences like skin cancer!

Moreover, the skin does not start to take color or get tanned till after the ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays have penetrated our skins and started messing with our DNA. It is a harmful process that can cause lasting damage.

UV rays have the extraordinary quality of bouncing off surfaces like water, sand, snow, concrete and can even penetrate windshields, windows, and clothing. These rays can cause premature aging of the skin, eye damage, and destroy skin cells leading to carcinoma or melanoma.

Ways to protect yourself from sun tan

There are numerous ways to enjoy the sun while straying away from damage. We hope you find the following ways useful the next time you step out in the sun:

Avoid Sun Burn

Even though tanned skin is the most attractive among all skin tones, it is advisable that you stick to at-home spray tans rather than bathe for hours in the sun.

There is a massive difference between suntan and sunburn. Do not burn yourself in trying to get tanned. Exposure as less as 10 minutes can cause as much damage as spending hours. The lighter your skin tone, the worst the consequences.

Trust me, nobody likes burnt skin that is peeling off of you!

Shades and Umbrellas

Invest in high back chairs that come with personal shades or umbrellas to give yourself that much-needed protection from the sun in your backyard, out on a hike, or the beach.

You can get the right equipment using the Helinox Discount Codefor safer outdoor activities.

Use Sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. It is a must-have product that you must use regularly as part of your skin-care regime.

Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher if you are stepping out for more than 20 minutes. Reapply as often as needed, especially after sweating or swimming.

Be Cautious At Peak Hours

UV rays are at their zenith between 10 am till 4 pm. You may want to carry an umbrella or wear clothes that bear no skin. Another way is to seek shelter where you can.

Tanning Salons

In many parts of the world, tanning salons and booths are prohibited due to the use of damaging ultraviolet light. In places where it is legal, there is an age limit that requires you to be 18 or above to use the facility.

Spray tans, creams, or darker foundations are a far better option if you want to stay young and alive.

Children and Sun Protection

You need to be extra cautious and vigilant if you have kids with you. Infants and young kids must never be exposed to direct sunlight as their skin is far more delicate and cannot endure the scorching heat.

Apply sunscreen and keep their skin covered at all times during peak sunlight hours.

Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are an essential and sensitive part of the body that requires special attention. The UV rays bouncing off the surfaces are particularly harmful and can cause more damage than you know.

Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or wide-brimmed hats and avoid looking directly at the sun as that may cause permanent damage.

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