Summer Tyres: How to Find the Best Tyres for the Hot Months

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With the temperature getting warmer and warmer during the summers, many car owners try to take certain precautions to protect their vehicles. Summer car tyres are among the most crucial parts to obtain max grip as well as the performance of the car. In today’s article, we will discuss all the things to know about summer car Tyres Stevenage to help you make the right choice.

What are summer car tyres?

Summer automobile tyres are perfect when the temperature is above 7 degrees Celcius. They have a firm rubber material that delivers more grip during the hot season if comparing them with winter tyres. They even come with a much shallow tread design to help better overall performance along with cornering ability.

Is switching to summer Continental Tyres Stevenage worth it?

Once the hot weather stars, summer car tyres will deliver much more hold than winter variants because of their profiles. Moreover, driving with these tyres during the summers will help promote fuel efficiency and offer a much more comfortable drive. If someone uses winter car tyres in the hot season, then their tread will wear off much quicker. This can even cause a lack of on-road grip and make the car owner lose control.

Summer car tyres will provide car owners with relevant grip in a hot climate and allow them to drive safely on flat roads.

Can summer car tyres be ideal to drive all year?

Although the summer car tyres can drive all year, it is generally not suitable to do so. Summer tyres are great for warmer road surfaces plus have a different tread design than all-season or winter car tyres. Therefore, they won’t offer as much hold on the road during cold temperatures.

Summer car tyres deliver excellent grip during dry plus hot roads, but they won’t work well on snowy or icy roads, especially in slippery conditions. Switching the car tyres to fit the relevant season can offer an increase in overall performance, grip as well as fuel efficiency.

Will summer car tyres wear much faster?

Summer car tyres can wear quicker if driven in temperatures under seven degrees Celcius. Nevertheless, when driving with summer tyres in the warmer season, they will offer much better longevity if comparing them with winter car tyres. This factor can help save a lot of money while driving, as the car owner won’t have to change the tyres as much. Having the right tyres for the right conditions will even improve the car’s fuel efficiency because the driver can obtain much better traction.

What to check when buying summer tyres

Check the sidewall markings: The sidewall markings display different characteristics of a car tyre and are essential to know. They reveal everything from width to height and load plus speed index. These factors are important to consider when trying to buy a brand-new set of summer car tyres for your wheels.

Check Tyre Labelling: Apart from the normal markings, checking the labelling is also equally important. The labelling contains the noise levels, rolling resistance as well as the wet grip ability of the tyre. These factors define the on-road drive the tyre will offer. Premium car tyres will have much better characteristics when comparing them to cheaper tyres.

Purchase Premium Tyres

Always try to obtain a medium range or a set of premium tyres. Budget-friendly or cheap car tyres might seem good at first, but they are excellent in the long run. Furthermore, never try to buy a set of part-worn and second-hand summer tyres as they will not offer reliable on-road performance.

Some of the finest car tyres labels available in a good tyre store are:

Always review with the tyre shop to notice if they contain the best instruments plus crew, and present the best and authentic products to the clients.

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