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headshot photography

Have you heard of a headshot photographer? Are you searching for professional headshot photography services? The suggestion is to avoid hiring an expert unless you have a clear picture of the professional and your requirements.

What do you mean by headshot photography? That is probably the most common question people usually ask about it.

Headshot photography is simply a photograph of any individual’s head and shoulders. Well, in reality, there’s more to it than that, but for this article, we will only go into:

Who use headshots? How do you take a headshot? What types of headshots do you use?

Of course, there are many more, but if you follow this blog carefully, to the letter including all the links, It is easy to have a close to perfect headshot quickly.

Who use headshots?

Actors and models use headshots for their portfolios. Businesses use this to create an image for their brand. It is used in the media and by most small companies.

Some Styles Of Headshot Photography Include:

1) Business headshots – This is a traditional ‘close up’ looking headshot that business people use for their website, email signatures and printed material.

2) Actor headshots – This is another type of close-up headshot but not as formal as business shots. Actors use it to show their acting skills and models to help get work.

3) Model headshots – As the name suggests, this headshot is used by models to show off their looks. Most models use it as part of their portfolio. Actors also use it, but they mostly use the actor type of headshots.

4) Casual headshots – A casual shot style where the person is not looking directly at the camera. This style is used by businesses to show their personality and creativity.

5) Black & White headshots – This style of headshot photography is the same as number 4, but it’s done in black and white. Some people believe that this is more suitable for business headshots. You can judge for yourself, but I don’t think it makes much difference.

How to take a headshot?

There are different techniques to take a headshot, but here is one that people find simple. The best thing about this style is that you don’t need any extra lights or equipment. You can do it with the built-in camera flash.

Of course, you can use any method you are comfortable with, but the one you learn here is simple and quick. Let us move step by step to know the developments.

1st Step : Make sure your camera flash is on.

2nd Step : Place the camera on a tripod to position it in front of you with the camera lens about 20 cm from your skin.

3rd Step : Zoom into your head and make sure that everything is focused, then take the photo.

4th Step : If you like what you see, fabulous! If not, go back to step three but move the camera away from your skin a few cm and take another photo.

5th Step : Review your photos, delete any you don’t like and keep the best ones. You can then use them straight from the camera or edit them for print or web on your computer.

What types of headshots do you use?

The two most important things to think about when selecting your professional headshot photography style are:

1) Who is your audience?

2) What do you want to show them?

These things will go on as there is no end to art and artistic activities. Next time you think of connecting with a professional for photography, you have the opportunity of booking an appointment with Albertex Photography. They offer an array of services with unmatchable results. Please get in touch with them at

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