The best smartwatch for android and iPhone in 2022- Which one to buy?

If you talk about the most sought-after consumer products, then they are undoubtedly smartwatches. If you look around the market, then there are a number of options to choose from, and all of them look promising. Making a decision to buy a particular one is quite hard and confusing. As everyone wants the worth of each of their penny spent, right? So everyone wants to have the best smartwatch at an affordable price range.

Every smartwatch comes with a different set of features suitable for a different set of audiences. So in this article, we will help you out with the main features to consider while buying a smartwatch. Continue reading further to know more.

 Display- Display is the primary criteria before choosing a good smartwatch. The watch should have a good screen size with an HD display. B.Rebel watches come with a 1.7″ full HD Display and capacitive full-screen feather touch.

 Watch Faces- A watch needs to have more than one watch face. The youth these days have different moods each day to reflect their different styles. Hence a watch should have multiple watch faces to personalize your style. B.Rebel Watch 1.0 comes with more than 100 exclusive watch faces to suit your different styles and moods.

 Battery Life- Of course, good battery life is as essential for a smartwatch as it is for a phone. B.rebel smartwatches come with an extraordinary battery life of more than 10 days to keep you going non-stop. Isn’t it cool? It is hard to find this long battery life in regular watches these days, and that too in such an affordable price range.

 Fitness Tracker- The best use of any smartwatch is mainly for tracking fitness levels. So obviously, this feature is of utmost importance in any smartwatch. A good smartwatch should be able to monitor vitals or sleep patterns well. B.Rebel smart watches allow you to access real-time health data anytime, anywhere. It comes with the best fitness tracker in the market with 10+ sports modes. The best part is they are Dust & Water-Proof as well to let you keep going non-stop.

 Menstrual Cycle Tracker- What is the point of a good smartwatch if it cannot track your menstruation cycle? Stay ahead, updated, and maintain a record of your menses on time for optimum health with B.Rebel smartwatches.

SpO2 Check- Before investing in any smartwatch in the market, ensure that it has this feature. You cannot monitor your heart rate as easily as with the help of a smartwatch. Hence it is a must for a smartwatch to have this feature. B.rebel’s SpO2 check feature helps to monitor your heart rate in real-time so that you can easily take charge of your heart health.

Find My Phone Feature- Not a lot of smartwatches in the market have this feature. But B.Rebel smartwatches come with this feature as well.

If you have reached here reading, then you would have now got some idea as to what all you will consider when going to buy your smartwatch. I hope this article was of help. Whatever brand you go for doesn’t matter, but if they come with the basic needed features and fulfill your basic requirements, then you will be sorted.

So before making any purchase decision, it is best advised to do your proper research and get to know the customer reviews. But as per our research, if you are looking for the best smartwatch under 5000 which can give you all the above-mentioned features, then there is no better option than B.Rebel. This is the perfect example of quality within budget. 

Don’t forget to share your experience with B.rebel in the comment section down below if you are a first-time user. All the best:)

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