The Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2022

Best earbuds in 2022

Wireless earbuds can make you enjoy music, movies, podcasts, and more. The market is crowded with more models today than ever, and although Apple’s AirPods have become synonymous with the category, there are plenty of great-sounding alternatives. 

Some premium noise-cancelling earbuds on our list of best noise-cancelling earbuds also make the grade on our top model’s list. However, we have included several of our favourite mid-range and low-cost earbuds that are often less well equipped. 

Do you want to cut the cord? Our picks for the best earbuds in Dubai will help you find a pair that suits your needs.

Which wireless earbuds are the best?

The Grado GT220 takes the top spot for its nuanced sound in our extensive tests. These buds don’t feature active noise cancellation (ANC) – they make music and are perfectly suited for listening to any quality music. As well as being comfortable, the fit is excellent.

The Apple AirPods Pro 2 takes second place overall, and they’re an excellent choice for iOS users who want effective noise cancellation. As part of the same price range as the first generation, these models are the best options for iPhone users looking to balance iOS integration with performance.

With a great signature sound that balances frequencies across all devices, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 is an excellent ANC alternative for Android and iOS users.

Buying wireless earbuds: the best picks

Apple AirPods Pro 2AirPods Pro 2 significantly improves Apple’s popular original AirPods, bringing new performance levels. They look pretty similar to the previous generation, but the earbuds have a battery life of 6 hours, and the wireless charging case has a battery life of 30 hours. In addition to the earbuds, the case is also IPX4 rated.

A more customized listening experience is what iPhone owners can expect from this pinnacle of Apple technology. You can listen to some of the best Dolby Atmos sound in any pair of earbuds by using the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to create a customized spatial audio sound that delivers lower and higher frequencies. Apple has included a new H2 chip with a custom amplifier and driver. Compared to the last pair of AirPods Pro, noise cancellation is twice as good, and it’s among the best we’ve seen so far. Buy earbuds online in Dubai at the best price.

Pro OnePlus Buds

OnePlus has created a solid pair of wireless earbuds based on its experience with top-notch smartphones. The OnePlus Buds Pro surpasses all expectations from the original OnePlus Buds. OnePlus devices benefit from excellent sound, the best ANC in this category, and a handsome design that complements any OnePlus device. With the OnePlus One phone, users can access fast pairing, low latency mode, and low latency gaming.

On a 10-minute charge, Warp Charge can generate 10 hours of use, making it the strongest charging technology we’ve ever seen. Due to the short playtime of ANC (4.5 hours), you will need it. Charging up these buds should take a few minutes before running out the door.

Wear this beats fit pros

The Fit Pro embodies Apple and Beats’ best works by bringing AirPods Pro performance to an updated Studio Beats design. It features a proprietary transducer that provides punchy bass while balancing frequencies so that clear, crisp mids and detailed highs come through. A new feature called Spatial Audio puts immersive 3D sound into the hands of users for the first time on a Beats product. In addition to automatic switching between Apple devices, FindMy assists in locating lost buds, one of the most popular features of the H1 processor. We like the integrated wingtips, which keep the earbuds in place during intense activity.

The sonic enhancements are available to Android users, but all iOS-related features remain exclusive to iPhones and iPads. On Google’s mobile platform, Fit Pro is also limited by the lack of features available in the Android app.

A guide to choosing wireless earbuds

You may have trouble choosing one with so many wireless earbud options. Personal preference will determine which factor is most important. There are several factors to consider.

Fit is an important consideration. What is the comfort level of the earbud? Is there a way to adjust the size of the earbuds so you can fit them perfectly into your ears? The fit is even more crucial if you want to use wireless earbuds while exercising. A key factor to consider is water and sweat resistance if that is the case.

The best wireless earbuds must also have long battery life. You should also check whether the earbuds have a carrying case, which would provide additional power. Also, professional testers and people who’ve purchased the earbuds can indicate the sound quality for both music and phone calls.

There is also the matter of price to consider. You have a wider selection if you are willing to spend more. But if you need to be budget-conscious, you may want to go with lower-priced brands or older generations of wireless earbuds.

Learn what we look for when testing headphone sound and how to get it right.

We test each pair of headphones during a week-long testing period, during which our reviewers wear them for hours. Reviewers note how well the battery life matches the manufacturer’s rated battery life, which is one of the most important factors.

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