The Different Types Of Tractor Tyres

Tractor Tyres

The heavy equipment (tractor) that keeps the agricultural and construction department moving has Vredestein Tractor Tyres as its major parts. This is an engineered vehicle that is meant to offer high power of traction for hauling to construction and agricultural materials as well as machinery. The construction and mechanised farm instruments get their power from this vehicle.

Your tractors must contain well-maintained tyres for offering efficient and good stay in the industry. Thus, the owner of a tractor must always use good tyres. Tractor owners are constantly comparing the options of used tyres and new tyres available with big offers to get the maximum performance out of their tractor. They make a comparison between the pricing of the used truck tyre and the used tractor tyre. Often, truck owners are concerned about this. It is quite expensive to get a tractor tyre replaced. Thus, the choice of purchasing retreaded used trucks and tractor tyres is very viable. You must know that the increasing demand from both developed and developing countries are influencing the cost of tractor tyres.

Radial, Belted Bias, Bias Category Of Tractor Tyre

You can’t take the tractor tyres just as the round inflated rubber pieces. Based on their purpose, they vary. Usually, the tractor tyres are heavy as taking a huge amount of force and weight is their main objective. Here are the three types of tire construction:

Radial – Cords are used in this category of tyres that run from beads and across the tyre tread positioned at a right angle to the tyre tread centre. This category of tractor tyres differs from the belted bias and bias tractor tyres in this aspect. Rather than being crisscrossed, the cord is placed parallel to each other and the stabiliser belts are positioned under the tyre tread. The construction of the tyre offers durability and makes the tyre strong. It offers low rolling resistance and improved control while driving the tractor at high speed. They don’t offer much for the self-cleaning capacity of the tyre.

Belted Bias – Crisscrossing layers of multiple rubber plies are present in the belted bias tyres like in the bias tractor tyre construction. Unlike the bias, the layers overlap each other. The difference lies in the fact that a steel stabilising or corded belt is present in the belted bias category that is attached under the tyre’s tread. The layers and the belts are placed at different angles. The performance of the tyre as compared to the bias tractor category is improved due to this feature. Less rolling resistance along with a comfortable ride is offered by the belts when you drive the tractor at high speed.

Bias – Various rubber plies layers are present in the bias tractor tyre. These layers intersect with each other. The sidewalls and crown inside a bias tractor tyre are dependent upon each other. A thick layer that is more sensitive and flexible to overheating is produced by the plies. It has a cord that is bound from one bead to another. Binding the tyre to the rim, every bead is a tensile steel wire bunch. For getting a crisscross pattern, the cords are layered at 35 degree opposing angles. The tread of the tyre adheres here. A smoother and comfortable ride is offered by a bias tractor tyre even on rough terrains. A bias tractor tyre is more flexible. However, it might be tough for you to control the bias tractor tyres at a higher speed and have less traction.

Which Is Better? Bias-Ply Or Radial?

Offering a smoother and comfortable ride on difficult landscapes, a bias tractor tyre is quite flexible. However, you may face difficulty in controlling the vehicle at a higher speed and this category of tractor tyres offer less traction. On the other side, the tyre life is elongated and the tyre is strengthened in the case of the radial category of tyres. By using the radial tyres, you get low resistance and more vehicle control while driving the tractor at high speed. However, you will get rough driving at low speed by using the radial ones. They also don’t offer much for the self-cleaning capacity of the tyre. You can now choose the tyre based on your requirement.

To ensure the Cheap Tractor Tyres are in good condition, you need to maintain the tractor as well. The trucks or tractors are costly to maintain as they are heavy-duty vehicles. The tyres of these vehicles are also valuable. Thus, you must ensure that your tractor is maintained well to increase the durability of its tyres.

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