The Do’s and Don’ts of Tyre Maintenance and Safety

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As car owners, you might have come across several do’s and don’ts regarding tyres and their care and maintenance. Tyres are an important component of your car and determine your safety. While you are sitting inside your air-conditioned car, your tyres are suffering from the heated roads, helping you overcome any nasty situation.

As car owners, it is your responsibility to look after your car and tyres and maintain the do’s and don’ts of tyre safety judiciously. To ensure that your tyres are roadworthy for the long term and to get satisfactory mileage, here are a few important guidelines for car owners.

Never Rash Drive

The way you drive has a huge impact on your tyres and your overall car components. You will also be jeopardising your life. Accelerating hard and also suddenly braking can severely damage your car Bridgestone tyres Reading, making them wear and tear faster. Even quality tyres cannot withstand this every day and will soon be too damaged that they will require replacement.

The damage that is caused to your tyres will break the rubber components and result in faster deterioration. Always drive within the recommended limit as not just your tyres, but you will be saving yourself from any mishap too.  

Never Opt For Mismatched Tyres

Many car owners are not aware of how much damage mismatched tyres could cause to their car. It is important to understand the damage being caused and how it will negatively impact all your other car components. Mismatched tyres will cause mishandling and will not offer optimum control while driving. Your car can skid even on smooth normal roads causing faster deterioration and accidents.

Never purchase tyre from different tyre manufacturers. Always locate what your car tyre type and size is, and make sure you change all the tyres at once or purchase a similar one.

Always Inflate Tyres As Recommended

Properly inflating the tyres is necessary to maintain optimum pressure and enjoy a smooth driving experience. Your car manual will have the necessary information on tyre inflation and the recommended level. Tyre pressure offers better grip, control and also helps with smooth cornering.

Check your car’s tyre pressure frequently. Rather than going to a mechanic and spending money, invest in a pressure gauge and also a tyre inflator that works best with tubeless tyres. Tyres should not be over-inflated or under-inflated. It is one of the most crucial things to be aware of to maintain the tyre for a longer time and get the value of the money you invested.

Rotate Your Tyre Frequently and Look For Tyre Balancing

Rotating the tyres allow them to wear out at equal rates. Experts recommend rotating the tyres every 8,000-10,000 miles. Bring the rear tyres forth and vice versa. Even if you have to change the tyre, make sure you add new tyres to the rear. You can control your car’s front tyres with your steering but not the rear ones.

Many car tyre dealers offer you free rotation services. Tyre rotations are cheap to do, and ensure you do wheel balancing every now and then. Tyre valves are necessary to keep tyre pressure intact and protect the tyre. Damaged valves are never good, and wheel alignment is necessary to guarantee that your tyres are at the right angle with the road.

Keep yourself safe on the road by following these car tyres reading maintenance do’s and don’ts. You should also invest in car insurance and avoid unexpected costs when it comes to your tyres.

Consult your mechanic if facing any issues with your tyre soon to stop it from turning into a major one. While purchasing tyres, always invest in quality ones. They offer better performance and better grip. No one can accurately predict what your tyre life will be, but servicing can keep it in good condition for years.

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