The Engineering Behind Winter Tyres

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If you give one look at the tyres, you’ll feel there’s nothing complex about them. They seem to be round black inflated rubber tubes. Right? But there’s more to this, and the science behind them is quite complex than it appears to be on the surface. Just as the roads have a profound impact on your tyres, seasons also have the same. For instance, the summer season needs tyres that can combat the dry roads of that season and winter tyres need special tyres that can run on the icy and slippery roads of that season.

Some areas experience heavy snowfall in the winter season. Regular tyres can’t give that performance in this type of season. Tyre manufacturing companies understand this very well, and that’s why they craft tyres that give you complete safety and security in this season. However, keeping two sets of different Goodyear Tyres Birmingham may seem to be expensive. That’s why people often feel that they can stay all-season tyres that can work for them throughout the year.

However, that’s not the case always. You might be saving a few bucks here but compromising on your safety here. There’s a reason why you get such specialized tyres in the market. So, let’s understand in detail about winter tyres and the material they are made of. This will help you clear all your doubts.

When Exactly Do You Need Winter Tyres?

That’s the most pertinent question. It would help if you had these tyres when the temperatures drop below 7°C. Or you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall most of the year. There are some places in the world where winter tyres are mandatory to avoid any risk of accidents. If you live in such an area, you certainly need winter tyres for your vehicle.

How Do You Recognize Such Tyres?

  • When you see a mountain with three peaks showcasing a snowflake symbol, then that means those tyres meant for the snow.
  • At times, you’ll also find the symbol of M+S on the tyres. That means such tyres are capable of being driven in mud and snow both. That’s because of their unique tread pattern. Such tyres are intended to offer better handling in muddy and snowy areas.

What Makes Winter Tyres Different From Other Tyres?

The Rubber Compound

It’s the rubber compound that makes the winter tyres different from summer or all-season tyres. It has a natural component of rubber in high quantities. That’s what makes these tyres soft. You need a softer rubber compound in very low temperatures to make a firm grip on the roads. Summer Car Tyres Birmingham are just the opposite. Their rubber is quite hard to withstand the dry roads of the summer season.

The Unique Tread Pattern

Winter tyres have a different tread pattern to make a steady grip on the snow. There are numerous slits called sipes on such tyres that dig into the snow and hold them firmly on slippery roads. You can also find these sipes in a zigzag form on the tyre.

Tread Depth of Winter Tyres

These tyres are known for their deep tread depth. This depth lets the tyres wade through snow and water both. When the tread is so deep, snow tends to stick in them. That’s what works the best on the wintery roads. Snow in the tyres gives remarkable traction on such snow-clad roads. However, you don’t find such deep tread in the summer tyres. That’s why they can’t deliver that performance in extreme winter conditions.

When you drive on the snow, often there can be found some water on the surface. Winter tyres don’t let this aquaplaning occur. That makes your ride even safer than before.

Is There Any Alternative to Winter Tyres?

Honestly, no. There’s no alternative to these tyres. If you live in an area with blizzards blowing and sleet and slush are commonplace, you need to have these tyres. Else you might be compromising with your safety. ensure that the tyres are in good condition before you fix them. Inspect them physically and enjoy your ride.

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