The Importance of Keeping a Good Set of Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

A good set of tyres save you from various mechanical issues. Moreover, well-maintained tyres will meet your driving needs for a long time. Therefore, you must always buy a suitable set of Winter Tyres.

This blog is about Winter Tyres Maldon which is a special category of seasonal tyres. As the name suggests, winter tyres perform in cold conditions.

Various countries in Europe have strict legal rules to use winter tyres in cold months. However, UK drivers do not need to follow similar legal rules, but they are free to make their own decision according to the weather conditions of their place.

There are a lot of drivers in the UK who purchase tyres. If you also drive in the UK, you must enhance your knowledge about winter tyres.

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are designed for cold months when road conditions are snowy, and ice and temperature are reduced to 7DegreesC.

In the winter season, car drivers struggle to make proper grip and traction. Moreover, tyres become stiffer to badly affect the gripping power as well. Therefore, the drivers need winter tyres that remain flexible in cold conditions because of specially made rubber material. The rubber material of  made up of natural rubber compounds and silica. Therefore, these tyres maintain proper flexibility in wet and cold months.

Moreover, tyres have a unique tread pattern to ensure optimum grip and traction on snow and ice. These tyres have increased smaller blocks called sipes that increase their water dispersal ability and help the tyres to run on snow efficiently.

Should You Use Winter Tyres Year-round?

Without any doubt, winter tyres are advantageous in cold months. But it does not mean you start to use them throughout the year. When the weather is cold, you can expect a superior level of performance from winter tyres. But in warmer weather, the performance level will be decreased due to hot roads and increased temperature.

In warmer climates, the rubber compound of winter tyres is supposed to provide less grip. Moreover, it will wear out quickly to decrease their total lifespan.

Do You Really Want to Change Your Tyres?

If weather conditions are severe in your place, you have no other choice than to keep two separate sets of seasonal Tyres Maldon.

Experts recommend all-season tyres for moderate weather, but this idea does not work in severe weather conditions.

All-season tyres are do not lose their effectiveness even on a mild layer of snow, but a thick pack of ice will not allow the all-season tyres to run on roads. Thus, you will need  tyres in these conditions.

How to Look After Your Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are however very effective for cold conditions but they will not perform efficiently if you avoid proper maintenance of your winter tyres.

First of all, to ensure the proper health of your tyres, keep them properly inflated. The strength of every tyre depends on the level of air pressure. If you keep your tyres improperly inflated, they will skid on snowy roads, and you will find yourself unable to control the vehicle properly.

Moreover, you have to inspect your tyres regularly for reduced tread depth. In the UK, you should travel with at least 1.6mm tread in tyres. Legal rules will not allow you to drive if your tyres are balding severely. Replace your tyres with a new set of winter tyres because of the risks of bald tyres. Bald tyres are ineffective in the winter season in terms of grip and traction. Thus, maintaining proper tread depth is necessary for every car driver.

Conclusively, buying winter Tyres Maldon is a good idea to cope with severe winter conditions. However, you have to maintain them effectively to ensure proper performance and driving comfort.

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