The IT Priority Matrix: What You Need to Know About It

Priority Matrix

We understand that choosing a new project management tool can be tricky so let me make this easy for you. Below, the bureau book will provide you with everything on the IT priority matrix.

The IT Priority Matrix: What You Need to Know About It

It is Integrated with Your Office 365 and G Suite.

Thars why IT Priority Matrix is a full-featured project management solution that integrates with your Office 365 and G Suite. IT Priority Matrix can be used as an individual, but it is most commonly used by teams with a company-wide enterprise license available.

Easily Coordination with Whole Time.

The IT Priority Matrix is based on the Eisenhower method to help you to prioritize your items across each project. You can easily visualize yours prioritizes across your entire team as well as their projects. You can also create a custom template to help you save time in the future.

Helps to Complete Project Before Deadlines.

IT Priority Matrix has several different views to make sure you never miss a deadline again. Such as the master list that will give you a condensed view across all of your projects in the Gantt chart to have a thorough understanding of when your start dates and due dates are overlapping.

Finally You can also use the IT Priority Matrix calendar on the left-hand side. You have your global view of the reports, Gantt chart calendar and your news feed first on the far right-hand side. You are going to have the individual project view of again the same different features.

As You have the control to decide which project you share with your team force which projects you want to keep private. If you share an entire project, your team will have full visibility and accessibility into this project. From there, you can delegate the item to somebody else on your team who you have shared this entire project with.

Good With One-On-One View.

On the other hand, if you only want to share one item in the project and keep the rest private. You can do this also. Moreover, you will access this item in your one-on-one view, all you do is assign this item to somebody else on your team who have not shared the project with you.

In the one-on-one view, you can choose that other person or vice versa. They will select your name, and you will see that one item that you have shared with them where again, they don’t have access to the project. The one-on-one field will also put an agenda together between yourself and one other person on your team to save time creating this agenda. Additionally, you don’t have to duplicate work tracking agenda items and follow-up tasks separately.

Keeps You Updates With Recent and Important Emails.

Use the IT Priority Matrix office 365 integration with Outlook to manage your top priority emails. And rest assured you will never look over a top priority email again.

Once you have integrated this email with IT Priority Matrix, you can go on with your day knowing that your inbox is empty and your top priority emails have been managed.

The IT Priority Matrix is different due to we don’t want to leave the current platforms that you use, such as Outlook and Microsoft teams.

Rather IT Priority Matrix creates a central source of data. So you can access these action items in your most frequently used platforms. As mentioned, be sure to set up the IT Priority Matrix in Microsoft teams integration so while you are utilizing the Microsoft teams platforms. You can access and update all of your IT Priority Matrix data without even leaving Microsoft teams.

If you use Gmail, you can download the Gmail admin, which will function similar to the Outlook extension. And help you prioritize your emails without having to leave them flagged or unread in your inbox. Again going on with your day, rest assured that your top priority emails have been managed and prioritized.

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