The meaning of the snake’s tail pendant

Silver Rattlesnake Tail Pendant

Snakes are some of the most powerful reptiles on Earth with multiple references. You can find it in religion, literature, and arts. Not to mention, the jewelry sector couldn’t resist using snake images as well. While many people synonymously use snakes with evil deeds, they also have a handful of positive meanings.

Therefore, if you’re considering getting snake jewelry, specifically a snake’s tail pendant, it’s worth knowing their meanings. And the following text has all the info you need. Let’s start:

The Meaning of Snakes’ tail pendant

  • Protection
    The image of a snake, which includes its tail according to ancient times has protective abilities. It can protect people against evil spells, eyes, and negativity. It seems the snake image helps fend off negative energy or evil spells from ill-wishers.
  • Wealth According to many legends, dragons are keepers of treasures. And being flying serpents, it means the snakes have the same properties too. They are also a source of wealth. Therefore, if you need favor when it comes to creating wealth, wearing a piece of snake jewelry can help. In this case, a rattlesnake tail pendant can be helpful. But please note, that the quality of wealth your jewelry will attract depends on the material it’s crafted from. The more expensive the material, the more wealth it attracts.
  • Bad Deed/ Wisdom
    According to the dream literature, the snake tail can either mean bad deeds or wisdom. For example, the slippery tail is a sign that you have doubts about what you are doing. You are not sure if your choice is the right one.In some cases, the snake tail is a sign that you will receive money unexpectedly. But it can also mean engaging in bad deeds can bring suffering to others. It’s said that when the snake tail falls off in your dream, that’s a great sign. It means you will make it through hard times.
  • Overcoming Sin and Temptation
    According to Christianity, the serpent is the source of temptation and sin. It’s the reason why people are not living in the garden of Eden. It tempted eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and she succumb to the temptation. Therefore, wearing snake pendants including a rattlesnake’s tail is a sign that you are ready to fend off all temptations. You are willing to overcome drawbacks preventing you from attaining your goal.

The Best Snake Necklace Pendant

Brass Rattlesnake Tail Pendant

Rattlesane Tail Pendant

The rattlesnake rattle pendant is one of the best snake tail pendants on the market. It’s an opportunity to have an authentic rattlesnake necklace on your neck without having to hunt it. For starters, this piece is handmade. It comprises nine parts joined together through hand soldering.

When you put it on, you can appreciate the realistic feeling of an actual rattlesnake. It can sway freely when you give it a gentle bush. And the same goes when you hold it in your hand. The design is incredible, it’s an exact mimic of a rattlesnake tail. From the buckle to the joints, the entire design is inspired by the rattlesnake vertebrae.

When it comes to material, the buckle is crafted using brass. To make it unique, it has authentic scales. Speaking of authenticity, when you shake the rattlesnake rattle pendant, it produces a sound similar to that of a rattlesnake. And that makes it even more interesting.

Silver Rattlesnake Tail Pendant

Silver Rattlesnake Tail Pendant

Can’t get enough of the rattlesnake pendant? Well, you can also get the silver rattlesnake pendant. It will be a great addition to your collection of snake necklaces. Unlike the brass design, the silver rattlesnake rattle pendant shines elegantly.

It’s a perfect choice if you want a flattering look with a sophisticated touch. For versatility, it has a key ring. This allows you to use it as a necklace or key holder. Whichever way you decide to use it, this jewelry will complete your look.

Brass Snake Pendant

Brass Snake Pendant

Ever heard of the Mangshan pit viper? Well, this is one of nature’s wonders. It’s a strikingly beautiful creature with remarkable morphology. As a result, it has found its way into the heart of people. Not to mention, you will find designs and products that mimic its form like the brass snake pendant.

People love this creature for more than reason. For starters, they are unique and beautiful. But besides this, they’re endangered creatures. It’s also worth noting that they’re very poisonous. In the design world, they inspire unique designs. And when you get these pieces, especially the snake pendant, you’ll be raising awareness about this creature. People will learn about it and its conservation status through your snake jewelry.

In detail, this snake necklace pendant has more than 1000 scales creating a textured feel. The eyes have black cubic zirconium to make them stand out. As a reptile fanatic, this is a perfect accessory. You can gift an animal lover with this.

Snake and Rosses pendant

This pendant has two symbolic meanings. It represents both life and death. Not to mention, it’s also a perfect representation of beauty. Like any other creature, snakes also have a beautiful side. For instance, they have amazing scale designs that make them stand out. In addition, they have distinct color patterns that make each snake unique.

Final Take

Snakes’ tail pendants and snakes’ jewelry, in general, have diverse meanings. At the spiritual level, they exist to educate us in different ways. Having no limbs, it’s one of the few creatures that roam close to the earth’s surface. While they lack ears, they have powerful sights. They can even use heat signatures to locate potential prey or danger.

When it comes to symbolic meaning, it encourages us to leverage all our senses. And when it sheds its skin, this is a sign that we should let go of our baggage and embrace positive transformation.

To embrace these symbolic meanings of a snake, you can wear a rattlesnake tail pendant. It will be a great reminder of the best time for a positive transformation. It will be reliable during healing moments, especially if you’re sick. And more specifically, you can contribute to the conservation campaign for this endangered species. To those looking for deeper meaning, snake necklace pendants can stand for all symbolic meanings of a snake. Having said that, click here for an opportunity to get a striking piece of rattlesnake pendant.

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