Things That Reduce The Lifespan of Your Car Tyres


Tyres are vital for your cars. Your vehicles run on roads because of the efficiency of their tyres. The power of the engine and the efficiency of the brakes have their own importance. However, forgetting the importance of car tyres is not possible.

Mechanically fit and fine Bridgestone Tyres Darlington will keep your car stable on roads and provide better control as well. In this process, they will show enough endurance and strength against the factors like heat, friction, and bad weather. However, wear and tear will take place over time to completely damage your tyres.

Tyres come with a certain lifespan. Certain tyre makers recommend that you should replace your old tyres after 6 to 10 years. The final choice is based on a number of variables.

Suppose you drive your car in severe road and weather conditions, your tyres will wear at a faster rate. On the other hand, if you use your tyres to just reach your office daily, you will use the existing set of tyres for a long time.

The total life of car tyres depends on the quality of maintenance as well. Keep your tyres in good condition and they will serve you for an extended period of time.

In the process of tyre maintenance, you have to consider the things that reduce the life of your tyres. While you are fully aware of these factors, you can take some preventive steps to reduce the rate of wear and tear.

In this blog, we have a list of factors that influence your tyres badly. Read this list and maintain car tyres efficiently.


Friction is necessary for human life but indeed, it is a devil as well. You cannot move your car smoothly on roads if friction is not there. However, the same force will destruct your tyres over time.

When your tyres run on roads, the rubber material rubs against the road to generate friction. Therefore, the rubber material will wear out gradually. The rate of wear and tear will increase if you drive your car harshly.

Compatibility of Car Tyres:

When you buy your new car, the carmakers provide suitable components with the vehicle. Therefore, you get the best set of tyres with your vehicle. After several years, you need to change your old and faulty tyres.

At the time of buying new tyres, you have to look at your user manual to determine the correct type, size, and features of your car tyres. A wrong decision will fasten the rate of wear and tear. Moreover, your car will perform poorly due to wrongly chosen tyres as well.

Extra Load:

A heavier iron box will make extra friction if you rub it on a surface in the comparison with a lighter box of iron. It means the weight of a thing also influences the level of friction.

Your tyres will bear the weight if you load your vehicle according to their loading capacity.

However, extra weight on the vehicle will increase the level of friction. Due to more friction, tyres will wear at a faster rate.

Air Pressure:

Overinflation and underinflation are two risky conditions that are detrimental to your car tyres. Carmakers make tyres according to a certain level of air pressure. They specify the correct air pressure for your tyres in the user manual. You have to follow the instruction to keep your tyres healthy for a long period of time.

Wheel Alignment:

The alignment of wheels plays a vital role in the life of your car tyres. The wrong alignment will affect your car tyres badly and you will observe the effects in the form of uneven tread wear.

A poor wheel alignment will show some signs like vibration, pulling of your car to any of both sides, and tread wear. You have to visit your garage whenever you observe these signs. Your mechanic will check the suspension system to correct the wheel alignment.


Heat will cause wear and tear in your tyres by degrading their rubber material. Heat will assist the frictional force to damage car tyres. The severity of damage will increase if you have a habit to drive your vehicle at a high speed.

Heat increases the level of air pressure in your tyres, especially during the summer season. Therefore, do not forget to check the air pressure regularly when you drive your car to cover a long distance. Extra heat in tyres may cause a serious blowout.

So, these are some factors that will decrease the life of your Car Tyres Darlingtonyou can reduce the bad effects by maintaining your tyres effectively. Moreover, do not be late to change the present set of tyres if you observe sign of serious damage. Driving on old and bald tyres is not a wise decision.

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