Things To Know About Performance Tyres

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Performance tyres are one of the premium range of car tyres that are known for their durability and performance at high speeds. These tyres are mostly used by professional racers and by people who own sports cars. 

However, before you buy a performance tyre for yourself. It is very important for you to understand the importance and features of performance tyres. 

What Are Performance Tyres

These tyres are usually suited for sports cars because of their enhanced handling and improved traction. They are made of tough rubber compounds and have a unique tread pattern and will save a lot of money on tyre repair Rotherham.

The demand for performance tyres is increasing day by day, as these tyres provide car drivers with lots of benefits and deliver the best performance while driving.

Features Offered By Performance Tyres

If you are confused about the variety of tyres while buying them, you must have a look at performance tyres. They are indeed one of the best tyres and provide you with several features. These tyres will surely meet your expectations.

Performance tyres provide you with precise steering control on corners. These tyres maintain an excellent grip on the road, which improves traction with the road. The responsive factor of these tyres are modified and thus they have reduced braking distance. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to compromise with features while buying tyres, then performance tyres are the best choice for you. They not only give a comfortable ride but also have boosted gas mileage and longevity. These features make performance tyres, gain better control over steering, enhancing the driving experience.

Speed Rating Of Performance Tyre

The speed of tyres is always more than the speed rate limit on the speedometer of your car. Speed ratings are specified using letters. Normally, the speed rating is for sports cars to ensure tyres compatibility with cars. The higher the speed rating of the tyre, the higher the level of performance it will give. 

Generally, the speed rating of several performance tyres is V, H, Y and W letter symbols. They come with a speed limit of 140 mph. To know the recommended speed rating of your tyre, you can check your owner’s manual.

Tread Pattern Of Performance Tyres

Before buying performance tyres, you must check that they are of the perfect specifications, according to the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer. A tread pattern is a very essential part of any tyre. Performance tyres have a unique tread pattern that enables them to attain better traction with the road in variable weather conditions. 

There are generally three types of tread pattern, i.e, Asymmetric tread pattern, symmetric tread pattern, and directional tread pattern. Performance tyres generally have asymmetric and directional tread patterns. In asymmetric treads, inner and outer flaps of the tyre’s surface have several channels and tread blocks, this helps them to easily overcome the obstacles that come in their way. 

Moreover, directional tread patterns have the ability to rotate in only one direction. These patterns are of V shape and the direction in which they move are generally marked on the sidewalls of the tyre. In comparison to both the tread patterns, the Asymmetric tread pattern provides much more balance on wet or dry road conditions at higher speeds than a regular tyre.

How To Prevent Performance Tyres From Getting Damaged

In order to increase the longevity of performance tyres and to make them more durable, you must follow these steps. 

  • Keep a regular check on the air pressure level of your tyres and always try to keep them at the recommended pressure level.
  • Ensure that the wheels are properly wheel aligned and balanced.
  • Check whether the tread depth of performance tyres is at least 1.6 mm or not.
  • Keep your tyre clean and away from sun’s exposure. 

For all the above-mentioned benefits, you should definitely choose performance tyres over any other car tyres. And if you want to buy these tyres or get an effective tyre repair Rotherham, do visit AP Tyres.

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