Things You Must Know About Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli tyres fall under the top three European tyre manufacturers. It is a tyre manufacturing company that designs tyres suitable for all-purpose, terrain and conditions.

It offers a vast range of tyres and successfully runs on national and regional tyre chains, retailers and tyre fitters. Pirelli tyres are designed to adapt to every driver’s requirements and choices.

Therefore, this article will discuss the Pirelli tyres in detail. It will include every fact, range and information you should know about the leading Italian tyre manufacturing brand, Pirelli.

The entire timeline of the Pirelli tyres history

Pirelli tyres Shiptonthorpe is one of the leading tyre manufacturing brands in the world. However, its history dates back to the late nineteenth century.

Pirelli was established in 1872 in Milan by Giovanni Battista Pirelli as a company for producing elastic rubber items.

Just a year later, in 1873, the first rubber plant of Pirelli was set up.

And later, in 1885, this rubber production was extended to carriages.

In 1894, the Pilleri developed its first velocipede tyre, which later led to car tyres’ innovation.

Finally, in 1901, Pilleri launched its first car tyre. This led to Pirelli’s development as a tyre manufacturer and its geographical expansion.

Pirelli expanded across entire Europe in the early 1900s. The places covered by Pirelli during those times include:

  • Southampton, England in 1903
  • Burton on Trent, England in 1928
  • Barcelona, Spain in 1902
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1917
  • Manresa, Spain in 1924

During these growth years, Pirelli focused greatly on racing tyres. And in 1907, a car fitted with Pirelli tyres bagged the prize for Grand Prix of France’s Automobile Club.

In 1922, Gruppo Pirelli was recognised as the first Italian business group which traded shares in the US market.

After the set up of the first Pirelli Brazilian plant, Pirelli went on to gain recognition worldwide.

The first Pirelli radial tyre in the market known as Cinturato was designed in 1949.

Why should you choose Pirelli?

Pirelli tyres have been ruling the tyre market for their forefront services and cutting edge technology. Pirelli is known for its innovative passion and potential, which has, to date, provided the best products in the consumer tyre market.

If you are wondering what factors make Pirelli different from several other tyre brands in the market, then let’s discuss it.

Pirelli has an exceptional commercial presence and brand name, which is a direct indication of its quality. With over 19 production plants scattered over 12 countries and a brand presence in 160 countries, Pirelli stands out as one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturing brands.

Pirelli keeps the high-value tyre market as its focal point when it comes to tyre manufacturing. The brand emphasises innovation and technology and dedicates itself to developing the products that are valued the most by consumers. Speciality and super speciality tyres are great examples of this.

Pirelli ranks among the tier 1 tyre manufacturers. It would be the best option because of its dedication to high-value tyres and its high positioning in consumer-based tyres.

Pirelli focuses on developing tyres with large rim size, excellent aesthetic appeals and advanced technologies.

Pirelli even offers customised tyres for your vehicles. It is widely known as the best brand for car, bike and bicycle tyres.

The company is also active in the sports tyre circulation arena. Currently, the company is recorded to participate in about 350 bike and car-based sports events every year. Their presence in the sports arena enables them to produce tyres with high handling, safety, performance and stability.

Therefore, Pirelli tyres Shiptonthorpe has an international standing and is also involved in making luxury cars. All in all, Pirelli is a global brand that can extensively enhance your driving experience.

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