Thinking of Getting An Emergency Loan Today! Read This Before Availing One

Emergency Loan

The pandemic has taken a toll on our economy. Many businesses have been shut in the lockdown. In the challenging time of the pandemic, many banks are standing by their customers. Make sure you do proper research before applying for an immediate loan.

How can you get a Personal Loan in an emergency period?

It is hard for someone to apply for an emergency Loan suddenly. Better to gain proper knowledge before applying for a loan. 

When you apply for a personal loan, scrutinize a few things and then make a final decision. It includes the interest on which the loan has to be approved, credit score, some fees, and many more. 

Keep the below points in mind:

1) Calculate EMI 

Personal loans are not secured. So the interest rates are much more than other loans. You can get a personal loan online starting from an interest rate of 10.35% to 30% per year based on your profile.

EMI is calculated based on interest rates. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator. Through this, you can have an idea about an estimated EMI. So if you know your EMI before applying for a loan, it will be an easy process for you.

2) Compare Interest rates in the market

Personal loans are given at different rates in different banks. They guarantee to provide loans at minimum rates. So you need to examine the rates. In online portals, check for the rates. Analyzation is important; otherwise, you can miss the minimal financing cost.

3) Borrow the amount which you need

While you become eligible for personal loans, lenders will offer higher advances. They will promise to give alluring financial costs. Repaying the cost later can be painful for you. So examine your needs and set your budget down.

4) Have a check on Your CIBIL Score

Considering your CIBIL score, banks or other lenders will approve your loan. Rejection of loan is possible due to low score. A low CIBIL rate means high interest rates. So if you have a low score, boost it up. To do this, borrow a small amount of loan and use your credit card correctly.

5) Miscellaneous Costs

Some other costs are involved in personal loans. Those are GST, fees, and a few more. These contribute to the total cost of the loan. Before applying for a loan, know about few things:

•Prepayment charges/ costs

•Penalty charges of late payment


•Facility of balance transfer


Gain knowledge about the facilities offered by the banks and lenders. It will not affect you in the future. It is usually easy to get a personal loan instantly. A Personal loan is disbursed within a day. Dsa loan agent registration is important before applying for a personal loan. The important thing lies to fulfil the eligibility criteria and few other things. Know everything about the procedure, charges, costs, amount, and then apply.

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