This Season’s Hot Trends and Colours in Window Blinds

It’s that time of the year when we’re considering spicing up our decors for the change in the season, and you’ve come to the right place. The Window Fashion Industry is always working on bringing the fastest-moving trends for window blinds and is ever inspired by the fashion and interior industries. Whether it’s the runway or the latest innovations in architecture and interior design, windows and window treatments find themselves shifting to complement and co-exist in the world of interior styling. 

Here’s what we found to be the top picks for the upcoming seasons.

Love for The Jungle

Nature-inspired prints are making their way into homes as the pandemic brought a revival to reconnect with the outdoors when the world went into a devastating lockdown. From large leaf prints to dainty, delicate vines, everything with nature and green is the choice for the coming seasons. One with the highest popularity is the large leaf motifs, which have been trending for quite some time now, and we can tell why. It brings the lush and forestry ambience with just a simple glance.

With our selection of Printed Roller Blinds, Roman, Vertical, Romex, and Panel Blinds, nature-inspired textures and designs, there’s a pattern to suit anyone’s liking. 

Teal it Up 

A popular colour choice for the season is the ever-so-charming teal. The calming colour brings a fresh and airy feel into any space and helps create the illusion of cooling interiors. The colour does wonders in rooms where people love to spend hours since the colour is cool-tined, inviting and relaxing to the mind. Teals and their shades started appearing in cushion and sofa upholstery and now are surfacing into window coverings. 

Our teal shades are available in most blinds, but the best one is in our Vertex Blind Collection. Browse the range and explore the fabric choices. 

Modern Meets Traditional 

The season is seeing a great appearance of blending modern and traditional designs into window blinds. With dramatic floral prints merged with neutral shades, homeowners will get to enjoy a sense of wilderness in more muted and sober lighting. With winter around the corner, these cosy prints with warm neutrals make for the best pairing of the season.

Our Collection of Roman Blinds hosts several bold and petite designs to choose from and brings a sense of tradition and country to your living and resting spaces.

Pale Greens 

In addition to nature, Pale greens are an extension of this ever-lush trend. Pales are entering to keep aesthetics minimal without going on board with full-fledged nature prints. Pastel greens seem like the top pick to help keep the spaces fresh and lively. The shade also inculcates the organic appeal of the room. There is no going wrong with this brilliant shade. This perfectly calming colour pairs well with just about any interior theme running in your home. 

Find pale greens in our vast collection of Roller Blinds. Or choose a Pantone or RAL shade, and we will match your blind to it.

Sustainable Materials

As we grow closer to sustaining the planet, it’s no surprise that sustainable wear is a movement to hop on board. One way to add sustainability the right way is with Faux Wood Blinds. Engineered to appear natural, Faux Wood Blinds function flawlessly as a warm element in home and office decors. The eco-friendly blind comes in various on-trend shades and is a worthwhile product to add automation.

The Faux Wood Blind range allows for the tightest closure, letting you enjoy privacy at its finest. This product comes in six different colour shades and swatches to pick through. It also comes with added customisation for a signature-crafted design.

Bring The Best to Your Homes and Offices 

With Abu Dhabi Blinds, you can rest assured that you will be in the trusted hands of designers and experts, bringing you the perfect selection that suits your shading, privacy, and personality. 

We are an established company with over 20 years of experience. We help bring shading solutions to users around parts of Abu Dhabi. With a dedicated force of passionate individuals, we can solve every window shading problem faced by individuals. Whether you’re considering the size, hard-to-reach windows or finding the perfect shade of blinds, we can solve any given situation with the right solution. 

With over 300 success stories, there is no doubt that you will experience professional, enjoyable, and comforting window dressing and styling services with us. Right from booking a free appointment to a complimentary consultation, measuring, and installation, you can stay assured that every step of the process is quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

Book a free in-home visit and start your unique experience with us today and enjoy the premium service.

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