July 5, 2022
Avaneesh Parasar


With the ongoing tension and warlike situations in a part of our planet, i.e. Ukraine and Russia, the whole market is in an uproar. Investors of bonds, stocks, real estate, commodities, etc. are all worried about what to do in such situations. Which amongst short selling or buying more stocks from the market, is a much better option?

Another one of the successful investors, Avaneesh Parasar is here with a simple answer for all the investors out there to invest successfully in such crucial times.

Here are some of the tips that will provide you assistance to read the market properly and help you in making the right investment-related decisions:

  • Check Out The History:

Along with studying the market and the happenings around the world, an investor should also have deep knowledge about the historical sections of the market. Since history tends to repeat itself, the patterns of the market and the rise and drop in many stocks, bonds, etc. also follow a similar pattern as to the previous times. So, look at the condition of the market in the decades before the wars of the countries and you will be able to find good stocks or propositions to invest in during wartime.

  • Stocks & Equities:

If you look at the patterns of the previous similar conditions, wartime often brings huge changes in the outlines of the many stocks and equities of the market. So, they are a good option to buy for the investors during such tense times. Consumer staple stocks, small-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, etc. are better bets as compared to the ever-present and high-end stocks during wartime. Since inflation may hit with the condition of war, thus prices of small objects will rise simultaneously. So, these stocks are a better option to invest in.

  • Real Estate:

Investing in real estate is considered the safest and permanent way of gaining profits from the market in the long term. Since inflation will likely hit the market during wartime situations, the prices of everything will rise simultaneously. Thus, if you have invested in a real estate property then don’t get out of it in a hurry. Wait it out and see that the price of real estate property or land will increase with the passage of time. Being a successful investor, Avaneesh Parasar advises patience and then the results will be worth the wait. 

  • Gold:

This commodity performs really well during tense situations in the market. In both physical as well as digital bonds formats, gold tends to have a rise in its price during wartime situations. It is considered a good bet against geopolitical upheaval in the market. It is also stated as gold has a significant and good relationship with the uproar and instability in the market. Thus, investing in gold is a good option for all the investors out there.

Stay calm and try to keep these factors advised by Avaneesh Parasar in your mind while investing in stocks, real estate, or bonds in the market during war-torn inflation. Think of turning the losses into profits, because sometimes dark times can help you make huge profits.

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