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Hair does shape the personality of an individual. Constant hair issues like balding, thinning, and hair fall can take a toll on confidence. Fortunately, there are some impressive developments in medical science, especially in hair restoration practice. It has given rise to a hair transplant, a surgical procedure that extracts hair grafts from the “donor site” and implants it to the balding part known as the “recipient site.” 

Hair transplants have gained a lot of recognition in the past few years. There is a lot of information present on the internet about this hair treatment. However, all of it is not true. Sometimes, the bulk of information can put the patients in jeopardy. Direct Hair Implantation has come up with vital information to debunk the myths revolving around a Lucknow Hair Transplant.


  • It is a painful procedure 

The reason why people don’t go ahead with hair transplants is the fear of pain. It’s an absolute myth. The latest advancements have made the entire procedure painless. Local anesthesia is given to the patient in this treatment that making the process extremely easy. 

  1. It gives an unnatural look 

The technological advancements in recent years have made hair transplants a successful procedure. In fact, if you want to get a 100% natural look, nothing is better than this hair restoration practice. Direct Hair Implantation has got the best team of hair transplant surgeon in Lucknow. They can deliver the best results after the successful completion of the procedure. You can cut, wash or style them as per your choice. 

  1. It delivers fast results 

Hair transplant cannot deliver results overnight. It takes time to show effective results. Since it is a permanent treatment that keeps the hair roots intact, it takes around 9-12 months for ultimate growth. 

  1. It is only for men 

Both men and women suffer from hair loss problems these days. Therefore, women are also potential candidates for hair transplant treatment. 

  1. It is a costly treatment 

As compared to other hair restoration practices, hair transplants deliver the most successful results. Therefore, its cost will be on the higher side. But, it doesn’t mean that this treatment is not affordable. The accessibility has gone high with the latest development. To get an estimate about a hair transplant cost in Lucknow, you can contact Direct Hair Implantation. 

  1. It gives visible scars 

The motive behind choosing this hair treatment is to transform the overall look. There is a misconception that it gives scars. The recent development has debunked this concern as well. Post-surgical scars are small that can be covered with the surrounding hairs. 

  1. It is not for older people 

Age has nothing to do with this procedure. Patients suffering from constant hair loss with no underlying medical or surgical contraindications can undergo this treatment. Experienced professionals can deliver the best results. 

  1. It affects the brain 

It is the most dangerous myth. A hair transplant doesn’t cause any harm to the brain. The procedure involves the skin of the scalp and does not penetrate the surface.

To get the best hair transplant in Lucknow, head straight to the Direct Hair Implantation. Feel free to contact us or book an appointment to get a much-needed consultation. 

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