Tried to Draining Your Hair in Shower? Learn These Tips to Protect It from Falling

Tried to Draining Your Hair in Shower

These days, the market is full of a variety of beauty products. Due to stress, pollution, and smoking, people are facing skin and hair problems frequently. Hair problems like frizziness, dryness, split ends, and hair thinning are increasing day by day because there is so much pollution in the air. When you buy herbal products online, look for products that are suitable for your hair. Not every product is best for all hair types.

Hair fall is one of the major concerns for people. Losing hair is a nightmare because nobody wants to lose their tresses. Hair is an essential part of the body and should be taken care of.

How to Reduce Hair Fall?

Here’s how one can protect the hair from falling and reduce breakage.

  1. Warm Coconut oil massage

Coconut oil has been used extensively for oiling hair. Coconut is a beautiful ingredient for dishes, but it is widely used to nourish the scalp. Many varieties of coconut oils are present, and the most commonly used one is virgin coconut oil. It is cold-pressed coconut oil that has been used for hair massage.

Any oil used for the hair should be massaged well, and a warm heated oil makes the oiling all the more effective.

In summers, when the hair fall is maximum, try heating a bowl of coconut oil. Warm coconut oil massage boosts circulation and increases blood flow effectively.

2. Diet and hydration

When looking to curb hair fall, we neglect our diet, which plays a significant role in stopping hair fall. Diet is the central part of any regime, and a healthy diet is all we need to tackle any hair-related issues.

Diet should be rich in protein and vitamins. A diet rich in proteins, omega acids, vitamins are necessary for hair growth.

Enough water and sleep are essential to stop hair fall. Less hydration is also responsible for hair loss. Drink at least a litre of water every day in a copper vessel. Drinking water in a copper vessel provides copper also to the hair.

3. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is commonly used for the skin and hair. Aloe Vera helps to provide shine and lustre to the hair. Apply aloe vera juice to the hair and keep it for about an hour. It is very effective in controlling hair fall and promotes the growth of new hair.

4. Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is essential for providing hair with the nutrients and growth are required. Products like curd, egg, and honey are known to provide maximum benefits to the hair. Use a deep conditioning mask of egg, olive oil, and curd for hair to tame the tresses

5. Style less

Use less heating products like straighteners and curlers to style the hair. Heat destroys the natural ph of the scalp and disturbs hair growth.

Care of hair:

Rosemary plays a significant role in the course of hair care by the following means-

a. It deals with any scalp-related issues, such as dryness, dandruff, and soothes itchy or irritated scalp.

b. It enhances the growth of hair.

c. It works as a cleanser for hair too.

d. It also maintains the natural shine on hair.


Herbal hair oil is the best remedy to use for hair fall. It is packed with natural ingredients that are free from harmful ingredients.

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