Types of Landscape Lighting to Choose From

Premium-quality lights are essential to provide the best illumination of landscape areas. Moreover, lights should also assist in saving extra costs and support the overall architectural design of the landscape. A wide range of outdoor lights provides effective solutions for homes, gardens, parks, and other private and public areas. These lights offer additional safety, but they also allow increased visibility in dark areas and helps improve the overall nighttime aesthetics. An assortment is available for you to choose from spotlights to string lights, depending upon your needs. Below we break down seven types of Landscape lighting perfect for illuminating any place without much hassle.

Top-Selling 7 Type of Landscape Lighting


Spotlights are common in art exhibitions and theatre where it is used to light up a specific place or detail. It is a sort of directional lighting that illuminates the object placed under its beam. It is a strong light source with strong intensity and helps attract focus on an object or place. Intensity on most spotlights can be changed manually according to the customer’s requirements. Most spotlights create a beam of light that covers an area that does not exceed a 45 degrees angle.

Benefits of Spotlights

Security: Use the light to illuminate specific dark areas to improve visibility and safety.
Focused Areas: Focus the angle of the light on a particular spot/object to attract attention and make it look ostentatious.
Design: From a designing perspective, spotlights placed at an upward or downward angle creates appealing patterns on walls and looks nice in a yard. Moreover, they can also be used for lighting hedges and statues placed on the lawn.

Flood Lights

Floodlights are a bit similar to spotlights, but they cover a wider area and have less intensity. Unlike spotlights with a concentrated and narrow beam of light, Floodlights can cover up to an angle of 120 degrees and evenly disperse light all around the area. They are commonly used for illuminating the parties and driveways from above angles to increase visibility.

Benefits of Flood Lights

Lighting Pathways: The even distribution of light by Floodlights is not too harsh and is pleasing to the eyes compared to other lights.

Lighting Patios: Light patios without any hassle with premium-quality Floodlights available at affordable prices.

Garden Lighting Northampton Putting lights in natural areas ameliorates the look of the garden. Place a combination of different lights with different intensities to amplify/improve the look of a garden. Not only do they look good on a lawn, but garden lights improve security and visibility from thieves and animals. Moreover, they look spectacular in the nighttime and helps make your garden look conspicuous. Nowadays, motion sensor lights are also available that save big on electricity expenses and get illuminated when an intruder comes in, signaling the owner that someone is there.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are like a garden accessory shaped in posts with lights placed right on the top. Special designer bollard lights are common in illuminating landscapes, with soft lights covering a circular area around them. Ideal for lighting pathways, hedges and doors, these lights are a floor lamp that makes the garden look pleasing and beautiful.

Step Lights

As the name suggests, step lights are perfect for lighting stairs and steps, illuminating them in the dark and offering increased visibility and safety on stairs. Not only do they prevent a person from getting tripped in the dark, but they also facilitate the landscape’s appearance.

String Lights

String Lights are often used for decoration at Christmas; String Lights are also called fairy or festive lights because of their ability to be placed through trees or over hardscapes. Multiple small lights are attached to the string that offers low-intensity illumination that looks pleasing to the eyes.

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