Types Of Tyre Problems And Possible Solutions


Performance tyres are essential for a vehicle. They directly touch the ground and overcome several forces to make the ride possible. Goodyear Tyres Coventry are important for driving ease and proper stability.

Tyres’ role is vital and it is quite normal if they face wear and tear over time. There are several problems that your tyres face during their total lifespan. These issues may reduce the lifespan of your tyres and you have to replace them before the specified time.

Therefore, it is necessary that you regularly check your tyres to these damages and find appropriate solutions.

In this blog, we have listed the most common mechanical issues and their possible solutions. Have a look!

Damage To Sidewall:

Sidewall, the outward-facing side of tyres and alloy wheels is a strong structure but it may experience certain types of damage at times.

Sidewalls usually face bulges of cuts due to impacts. They take place when your car hits a kerb or pothole. The affected spot shows that the internal structure is weak and you observe a bubble-like structure occurring on the sidewall. Cuts in the sidewall are extremely dangerous since they are common reasons for blowouts. Sharp objects may cut the sidewall and the air may seep out due to the air pressure in the tyre.

Both these signs are clearly visible and you usually do not need the help of a professional to diagnose the problem.

Solution Of Sidewall Damage

Sidewall damage is a clear indication of the presence of a fault in the internal structure. Therefore, you would not be able to eliminate the issue without the help of a mechanic. It is more likely that you have to change your bulged tyres and buy tyres Coventry.

Punctures In Tyres:

Punctures are usual when a sharp-pointed object pierces the outer wall of the tyre. These sharp objects may include nails, shards of glass etc. punctures cause loss of air pressure since the air goes out of the tiny hole created by the object.

Punctures are of two main types called slow punctures and rapid punctures. Slow punctures are hard to identify and only a professional detects them. If you find a deflated tyre often, it is quite possible your tyre has a slow puncture.

Rapid punctures are clear to detect since your tyre rapidly loses air pressure.

Solution Of Punctures

You need to carry out a repair as soon as you observe a puncture in your tyres. You can repair a punctured tyre with the help of tyre repair kits that are available with sealants.

Using a puncture repair kit is a temporary solution and you need to repair your tyre permanently with the help of a mechanic.

Cracks In Tyres:

Your tyres must need a clean surface without cracks. If you observe cracks there, it is possible due to adverse road conditions and common wear and tear conditions.

Diagnosis of this sign is not tough since different sizes of cracks are easily detectable.

Solution Of Tyre Cracks

Unfortunately, cracks on the tyres cannot be repaired. The only solution for tyre cracks is replacing them. If you ignore them for a long time, they will increase in size and create more problems for you.

Tyre Blowouts:

This is probably the most dangerous type of tyre damage. Sometimes, your tyre has a weak area in the internal structure and that area is not able to hold the air pressure for a long time. As a result, this area busts suddenly with a violent sound. Tyre burst takes place due to several reasons including under-inflation, heat, friction, and potholes.

Mostly, it is not possible to notice the burst but a driver recognize it with the help of a burst sound that created by escaped air.

Solution Of A Burst Tyre

There is not any home remedy available for tyre bursts. You have to replace the blown-out tyre as soon as possible.

Replacing damaged tyres with a new set of cheap tyres Coventry is the best idea to have a better driving experience. Moreover, you keep other road users safe as well. Thus, replace your tyres at the correct time.

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