Typical MOT Problems


Inadequacies in the MOT are a circumstance that the vast majority of drivers will encounter at some point in their life. We make sure that our car passes its yearly MOT test every year. On the first try, around thirty per cent of automobiles do not pass the inspection. Problems with your vehicle’s lights, chassis, and brakes are among the most frequent causes of breakdowns. However, there are also certain flaws in the system that aren’t well-known. Contact us if your MOT Cardiff is due.

We wish for everyone to have a thorough understanding of their MOTs. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about some of the less prevalent problems that might cause your automobile to break down.

Untidy Vehicles

If you can’t believe it, having a dirty vehicle might cause you to flunk your MOT. If your vehicle is exceptionally unclean, the person doing the MOT test has the discretionary authority to decline to finish the examination. It is possible for things like empty takeout containers, used water bottles, and similar items to slide under the brakes. In the case of an emergency, this precludes appropriate braking.

We often encounter automobiles that have a significant amount of dirt on them. Because all of our locations are in rather remote areas, we’ve been familiar with living in such settings. However, there is a limitation to the amount of dirt that may be on your vehicle at one time. If it is so dense and hefty that it fully covers your licence plate and headlights, then this alone may be sufficient grounds for rejection. Your licence plate must be visible to comply with the law. Additionally, it should go without saying that it is both risky for you as well as other motorists on the roadway if the dirt is covering your lights.

Examine the Restriction-Related Components

These days, fluffy dice dangling from the side mirror is a sight that we don’t see very frequently. However, many like accessorising their vehicles. If you have a plethora of things that the motorist can’t see, it could fail. Carefully consider their final resting place before sticking that air refresher, sat nav, or bumper sticker on the automobile.

Windshield Fluid

This is a fairly easy and dumb thing, yet it throws off a lot of people and causes them to make mistakes. If the tank for your windscreen fluid is flat when you go in for your MOT, you will not pass. If you do not have any screenwash, you will not be able to efficiently remove any dirt from your windshield. This indicates that something is blocking your vision. The majority of grocery stores and auto repair shops carry windshield washer fluid. Therefore, it is quite simple to get, and the fee for doing so is simply a few pounds.


Your vehicle’s horn is an important safety function that is in use to alert other drivers and pedestrians of your presence. It is not only to yell something at a buddy as you go by them. It will be a failed attempt if your horn produces no audible sound at all. It’s illegal to use an audibly disruptive horn that disrupts the safety of other drivers. Therefore, you can fail at it as well.


The purpose of the suspension, in the minds of the vast majority of people, is to provide a more pleasant ride. However, this not only makes driving your automobile simpler, but it also makes it better. After lighting, reflectors, and electronic devices, the chassis of your vehicle is the component that has the second-highest probability of causing it to flunk the MOT test.

Lamps and Bulbs

The lighting and lamps class is the one with the highest failure rate during the MOT. Failure to pass the MOT might result in your vehicle’s lights being either too strong or too dim, damaged, fading, or discoloured. If you are operating a vehicle with defective bulbs or just one headlight functioning properly, you should plan to fail the test.

Registration Plates

It is a widespread misunderstanding that all your vehicle’s licence plate has to do to clear the MOT is to be spotless. A filthy plate may come free, which would be a catastrophe. This is because if it were to fall off, it may result in a collision or another accident. Your vehicle’s licence plate is subject to a variety of stringent laws and regulations. Therefore, check that the writing you employ is in the normal typeface and that it is appropriately spaced out. In this manner, both other drivers and any cameras that may be there may readily read it.

Poor Aiming of the Headlamps

How often do you feel as if you are being dazzled by the headlights of a car that is approaching you? This is a result of the brand-new LED highlights being of extremely high brightness. Additionally, since the aim of the headlamps is not set correctly. The most common reason is a faulty bracket inside the headlamp. Your expert should not have any trouble repairing it.

Poor Functioning of the Brakes

Do your brakes have a “spongy” sensation to them? Do you experience a vibration when you step on the pedal? If this is the case, there is a very good possibility that some component of this system is defective at some other location. Among the most important features regarding the safety of your car is the braking system. Therefore, they must always be in complete and perfect operating condition. If you ever have the feeling that one of your brakes may not be quite proper, make it a point to have an expert check them out for you.

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