Tyre Guide: All You Should Know

What is a tyre? The tyre is a covering over the rim or the outer edge of the wheel to prevent wear and tear and also to perform enormous functions. Chief components used in tyre formation include a combination of synthetic and natural rubber along with some other materials as well.

Bridgestone tyres Oswestry not only prevent the wheel from getting damaged but also play a very important role in maintaining the balance of the vehicle during turns and otherwise, in carrying the load of the vehicle, acts as shock absorbers, brings smoothness, helps in changing directions, provides better traction and thus helps to overcome the resistance.

A tyre is manufactured based on various aspects, which may include climatic conditions, tread patterns and design, components used in its construction etc. Following are the various points about a tyre one should know.

Tyre sidewall markings

If you need to have all the knowledge about a tyre, go through its sidewall, which carries all the essential points. It is also important to be aware of all its dimensions:

  • Tyre width: There is a three-digit number that defines the tyre’s size; among them, the first digit denotes the tyre’s width, which is being measured in millimetres. It is a dimension that is measured from one sidewall to another.
  • Aspect ratio: The percentage of tyres height to the width is expressed in the form of a percentage.
  • Diameter: It is the dimension that is being deliberate or calculated in inches.
  • Load index: It denotes the load-carrying capacity of the tyres and is being mentioned at the right side of the diameter.
  • Velocity rating: It denotes the highest speed of the tyre when it’s being filled with accurate and required pressure under proper load but not overload.

When are your tyres perfectly inflated?

Tyre pressure plays a very important role in providing optimum performance. Both over inflation and under pressure situations can lead to hindrance in its ability to perform well. Both high and low-pressure conditions can lead to increased chances of wear and tear.

Less pressure also makes it unable to overcome the resistance. If your tyre has less pressure, there will be more resistance acting on the vehicle, which will thus, cause higher fuel consumption and can also lead to imbalance.

If your tyre is not fit in terms of pressure, you may not be able to drive smoothly, which can cause accidents. Since there is a huge role for pressure to play, one must know how to measure it and also about how much atm pressure is required by the tyre.

How to check your tyre tread

Tyre tread plays a very important role in providing the required traction and a suitable hold. Tread patterns may vary from tyre to tyre based on various aspects.

Despite using such instruments, there are also present tread depth indicators which also helps you to know about the level of wear and tear it suffered.

How to take care of the vehicle and the tyres

Tyres can not be everlasting, but their lifespan can be increased up to a greater extent by giving them proper treatment. One must check tyres Oswestry with proper inflation.

Having a periodic check on the tyre and the vehicle to avoid any untimely hassle is important, and thus, required repairs should be done in time. Other than its maintenance, tyres are also supposed to be properly stored under optimum temperature conditions.

At last, there is also a point which should be kept under consideration of having all the tyres used within a vehicle of the same type and pattern to obtain the best performance out of it.

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