Nothing can be half as stressful as making decisions in emergency situations. What is even worse is not having the knowledge that is necessary to make such hard decisions, that is why it is best to be prepare for any surprising situations that can catch you off guard and render you helpless. 

Let’s take an example of someone whose car has broken down in the middle of nowhere because the poor lad drove over a nail . Which led to a puncture and a consequent blowout. The same fellow does not know much about cars nor about tyres and is now praying for his life in the middle of the road, without a spare in his car, he is as good as helpless. 

Somehow he manages to contact assistance only to be rendered more helpless because of his inability to read the size, manufacturing date of his tyres.

This anecdote is the perfect example of why knowing the sizes of your tyres can be crucial and useful. It is not until one is face with an emergency that they realise the significance of the situation and what they could have done to prevent the same. What one may mistake for a random series of numbers is actually a composition of numerical and alphabetical characters that count for significant information about your Bridgestone Tyres Faversham

Therefore, in order to protect yourself from the desolate trial of confusion, it is best to step up and learn the tyre codes that contain vital information about what sizes are your tyres, what specifications vis manufacturers and physical features do your tyre have. For starters, one should know exactly where can they find this tyre code, the same is inscribe on the sidewall of your tyres and looks a lot like 204/77R18.

  1. First comes the width of your tyres, the tyre width is shown by the first three digits on the composition of numbers. For example, if your tyre reads 204/77R18, the 204 signifies the width of your tyre in millimetres, so this means that your tyre measure 204mm all across the tread of the tyre, from sidewall to sidewall.
  1. Next comes the aspect ratio of your tyres. In the sequence, 204/77R18, the aspect ratio or the profile height of the sidewall of the tyre is expresse in terms of the percentage of the width of the tyre. In this composition, the number 77 showcases the aspect ratio of the tyre which is 77 per cent of the width. 
  1. It is a known fact that most tyres that have been manufacture only recently are radial tyres, especially if they were manufacture in the UK. the construction of radial tyres is different as the cord piles that are constructe have been done so by positioning the cord piles at a ninety-degree angle and also in the direction with which the vehicle travels in order for the vehicle for have extra strength. The alphabet in the sequence 204/77R18 signifies that the tyre in your vehicle is a radial tyre. 
  2. The final two digits in the sequence 204/77R18 signify the size of the wheel diameter or the size of the wheel rim upon which a tyre is fixated. This size is also the size of the diameter from bead to bead. The 18 in this sequence signifies that the tyre will fit onto an 18-inch wheel rim. 
  3. Next comes the amount of load your tyres can carry when the tyres are inflated to their correct pressure. If the number 98 is written on the tyres, followed by the main tyre code, it is advised to look up the index 98 in order to determine how much weight=ht your car carry on a safe limit. 
  4. Last comes the speed rating of your tyres, the same is represented in the form of a letter. This letter signifies the maximum speed your tyres can travel at when travelling with a safe load. There are different speed ratings that signify different rates of velocities such as A, Y, H and V. it is important to note that just because the tyres are able to go to a particular speed limit, they should always limit themselves according to the legal speed requirement. 
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