Understanding the World of Car Tyres for Motorists

Car Tyres

Car owners need to get new tyres after driving for 25,000 to 40,000 miles. But before getting new Tyres Birmingham, examining the state of your old tyres is important. It is vital to understand if your old tyres wore off at the right time or early. Moreover, you have to know the different tyre brands in the market along with the models you can get based on your requirements. Therefore, below we will break down the different types of tyres, their markings, labelling and more.

Checking the Old Tyres:

  • You can check the old tyres on your car for any signs of premature damage. Moreover, it can be an internal issue such as wrong alignment or suspension damage if one side of the tyres has less tread than the other. In such conditions, getting all the internal parts fixed before buying new tyres is the ideal option to help them last longer.

  • Check the old tyre markings to determine what kind or tyre size you want.

  • Check if the tread is still above 1.6mm. A tyre above 1.6mm of tread is safe to drive on roads.

Find a New Tyre Based on Your Preference:

There is a wide range of tyre variants you can buy for your car based on your driving style or the roads on which your manoeuvre. Some of the different kinds of tyres include:

Summer Tyres:

These tyres enable superior driving performance in hot weather conditions. Summers can cause early tread damage but the materials used for making summer tyres enables them to last longer and offer a comfortable drive on dry and wet roads. Moreover, buying these tyres will reduce the risk of aquaplaning due to the shallow grooves.

Winter Tyres:

These tyres offer the best drive when in extremely cold weather conditions. Generally, cold weather can cause snowy, ice or wet roads and drive on them can be difficult with normal tyres. Therefore, buying winter tyres will help in optimal handling, provide excellent braking and ensure you get a comfortable drive. Moreover, the design of winter tyres enables them to remain flexible even if the temperature drops to sub-zero and prevents extra damage.

All-season Tyres:

The all-season variants are ideal for automobile owners trying to get reliable performance plus safety when driving in all weather conditions. This variant is a mix of summer plus winter tyres and offers the ease of not changing tyres every other season. Moreover, their all adaptive compound enables a better fuel efficiency when compared with winter variants.

Performance Tyres:

These tyres enable superior driving performance and are ideal for sports or luxury automobile owners. Buying these tyres will help you get the best handling, control, braking and high-speed stability on city roads. You can now unleash the full potential of your car without compromising your safety.

4×4 Tyres:

 These variants enable the best ride for SUVs, CUVs and light trucks. Moreover, they come in 3 variants called H/T, A/T and M/T which allows you to tackle all kinds of terrain.

Run-Flat Tyres:

These tyres allow you to drive a car for about 50 miles at speeds of up to 50mph even with a puncture. Moreover, car owners can get this tyre due to the extra safety plus the convenience of not taking a spare tyre every time.

Check the Markings:

Tyres markings contain a code on the sidewall that helps in the easy selection of the right tyre based on its dimensions.

Let’s take the example of this marking 205/45, R 16, 83 V

  • 205: The initial part of the number contains the width of a tyre in millimetres.

  • 45: It is the aspect ratio measured based on the height of a sidewall from the tyre’s rim to the tread.

  • R: After the aspect ratio comes to the tyre construction pattern. In the above example, the letter R is denoted Radial. Other examples include D for diagonal and B for Bias.

  • 16: This number refers to the diameter of the inner tyres and should match the size of your wheels.

  • 83: This number refers to the load index and is the max weight the tyre can carry.

  •  V: This is the speed index and shows what is the max speed you can drive with a specific tyre.

Popular Tyre Brands You Can Get:

  1. Continental Tyres

  2. Bridgestone Tyres Birmingham

  3. Pirelli Tyres

  4. Michelle Tyres

  5. Hankook Tyres

  6. Yokohama Tyres

You can get in touch with a Tyres Birmingham expert to know more about the different kinds of variants you can buy.

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