Want To Start A School In India? Here’s The Business Plan And Procedures

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Ensuring quality education in formal schooling lies at the core of India’s educational system. Further, the growing population and the importance of quality education necessitate the opening of schools in India. However, the new school setup process can be overwhelming even for experienced entrepreneurs. If not managed well, details of the project plan can ruin your big idea. Hence, it is important to analyze the target market, make a brief blueprint of your school, establish institutional policies and procedures, facilitate age learning appropriate programs among other things.

In this blog, we have mentioned relevant details about how to start a school in India. We have covered all the important points regarding the business plan and the procedure that you should follow.

How to start a school

Today, education has become instrumental in leading a quality life and for that school plays a great role in imparting quality education and building foundational success for the children. Despite the Government’s valuable initiatives to set up schools and provide quality education, there is still a huge gap in reaching the desired potential. That’s where the need of opening a new school comes into the picture. Here is a brief guide on how to open a school.

  1. Associate with a Society or Trust

In order to open a school in India, you need to be registered as a society under the Societies Recognition Act, 1860 or as a trust constituted under any law. This is compulsory to prove the “non profit’” motive of the society.

  1. Prepare a brief blueprint for new school

There are various factors involved in opening a new school But, how does one begin? The best way is to make a brief blueprint for new school. The following points should be included in your blueprint in order to make quality decisions.

  • Location where you plan to start a school
  • Subjects, teaching and administrative staff
  • Five year planning

There are various levels of categorization on which a school is opened, (lower KG, upper KG and so on) and different rules that apply when you are opening a school in metro cities whereas in towns or rural areas. Hence, all such factors should also be considered while opening a school in India.

  1. Property

Now that you have a blueprint ready, it is better to get the following documents ready which is essential for setting ip a school.

  • Water and hygiene certificates
  • Auditor’s and bank statements of the governing body

Once you have these documents, you can move to the step of getting the land for starting a school on it. If you are buying land from the Government, you need to get a No Objection Certificate or an Essentiality Certificate. This is obtained from the Department of Education of the particular state. Remember, the certificate is valid only for 3 years, so the construction of the school must begin before this timeframe.

Once you have the certificate in your hand, you can approach the respective Municipal Corporation for acquiring the land. However, if you have your own land, you can skip this step.

  1. Obtain permission and affiliations

Once the school construction is complete, you need to obtain permission in order to start the school operation. Additionally, you also need to obtain recognition from the respective State Government under the Right to Education Act.

After obtaining these permissions, the school needs to then obtain a NOC from the concerned state education department if it wishes to get affiliated to boards such as CBSE, IB, ICSE or State Board. These are the 4 well known education boards in India.

  1. Opening of your new school

Till now you have obtained all the necessary documents and licenses and secured enough funds to keep the school running for atleast a few years. You really should be proud of yourself for embarking on this new journey of opening a school. Now, you need to get your message of educating children in your school out to the world. For this, you can advertise on social media, get brochures printed, advertise in newspapers and email parents. All you have to do is wait for the correct time to open and manage your school.

Starting and running a school is a challenging job that requires an investment of time, effort, capital and resources. However, to help you out there are professional education consultancy companies that share a similar vision and would love to help you in your noble ambition. One such company is Shri Educare India.

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