Way To Pick The Correct Ecommerce Platform

Is the product safe?

Opensource products all have a 24/7 open community monitoring security. Security flaws are frequently corrected within hours. Opensource products get more secure as they mature.

Throughout the site, all products should insist on SSL. Most search engines now recommend this.

No product should save credit card numbers. If they do, we’d say the product is vulnerable to hacking and wouldn’t endorse it. Some products store 50% of the credit card number on the site and 50% in an email. Not safe because the two sources of data can be used to reconstruct credit card details.

Some Virtuemart versions offer online credit card storage.

Most credit card processors will allow you to save credit card details and charge them later using tokens.

Your priority is customer safety. Make archiving client data off the main website a monthly responsibility. So a breach only affects customers from the last month. The most destructive thing that can happen to your online store is a data breach.

GDPR applies to all businesses dealing with EU citizens. This is a set of company and website privacy standards.

To extend the base product, how?

Because no two ecommerce companies are alike, you will need to customise your fundamental product.

The cost of these added functionality relies on the ecommerce platform’s architecture.

Some platforms have a marketplace for ready-made extensions; perhaps your needs are already met.

If you want a bespoke addon, you must choose carefully.

Some products, like oscommerce, lack a built-in visual template system, so addons will require bespoke graphics.

Large code sets and addons in other programmes like Magento can ruin the site for future upgrades.

Some products, like opencart and prestashop, are built as ecommerce frameworks with lightweight addons.

How quickly does the store fill up?

Every ecommerce site needs speed. Faster sites sell more. Sites that switched from slow to fast servers saw a 33% increase in revenue.

Your site demo may be ready to go. Create a crawling website with 10,000 clients, 5000 products, 40 size parameters, and 5 metal types per product. This is a jewellery store situation. Big hosting may not help since the issue may be a terrible database architecture. Mage.goo Fun slow sites. As you can see, this is a niche market. The issue is multifaceted. It is critical that your supplier is aware of these challenges, and that site load time is a key performance objective.

Others, when given a few months of moderate load, start crawling and using website resources.

Is the product opensource?

Many products claim opensource. You need your own store as a retail owner. We do not suggest Saas stores. They may save you money in the beginning. But they will cost you in SEO and independence as your firm grows. No genuine online retailer uses a Saas product when they do not have complete code control.

How is the product supported?

Is your product supported by many developers? You may not stay with your first developer forever, so look into alternative options. Compare pricing with competitors in case you need to switch suppliers.

Use caution if using a project desk like elance or odesk. Many developers claim they can perform the job, but the proof is in the results. They may deliver, but they may also break the installation, making it unupgradable. You won’t know this until you update. We have gotten several clients from low-cost developers hired on elance and odesk. If the rate seems too good to be true, avoid it.

Has the product have major concerns before?

Search for “bad versions of”, “how to speed up”, “how to repair hacked”, “my site is slow”, “checkout errors on”.

These searches seek for known issues with the chosen. You need to know whether there are any quick fixes or upgrades.

A product’s bad versions must be avoided.

A new product may have a difficult start but eventually blossom into a superb one. Other items may start as opensource and then be acquired by a huge firm once they reach a critical mass.

Examine the company’s history and market presence.

For the record, osCommerce is the first opensource ecommerce product.

How is the checkout procedure?

So your customer has chosen a product and is ready to checkout. You will need a really slick checkout with minimal stages. We’ve seen checkouts with up to ten steps, and how anyone gets through them is a wonder.

The ideal is a one-screen checkout with reveal. The billing address can be used as the delivery address. Early entry of discount codes and offers.

A mobile checkout that accepts finger instead of toothpicks is a great concept.

Most impulse purchases are made quickly on mobiles.

Test all checkouts and compile a spreadsheet of the best.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your consumers, so start testing on them.

Is the product multichannel?

If you are serious about selling online, you will also sell on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

Your merchandise must be able to readily link and push across these platforms to be effective. It is critical that your product can export to these providers in the required format. For multichannel selling, you will need an ecommerce platform that these technologies can read and write to.

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