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Organic waste converter

One of the biggest needs of today is disposing of the extra waste that is found everywhere, especially organic waste. With a higher population, there is a higher requirement for food and therefore, more waste. So where does this waste go? It is very important to handle the waste that is generated in an effective manner to protect our environment. Did you know that approximately 90% of waste is simply dumped into landfills which eventually releases methane – which is extremely dangerous for all of us? To tackle this problem of high levels of waste generation at both domestic and industrial levels, we move to compost. For our benefit, organic waste composters have been developed that help disposes of this waste without it causing any health hazards. 

What are the advantages of organic waste composters? 

An organic waste convertor is extremely useful and a great solution to the traditional methods of composting which take a lot of time and a lot of space. A self-composting machine is useful for recycling both liquid and solid wastes. There are several uses of an organic waste composter. They are mentioned below: 

  • They are very useful in saving the operating manpower. This is because an organic waste convertor is automatic and can be operated and used by just one single person. 
  • Waste can be processed in a much faster way and consume less time when it is composted using a machine. Because of the less amount of time that it takes in the entire process, you end up saving money. The whole procedure just takes a few hours to complete. 
  • One of the greatest benefits of using an organic waste converter is that reduces the emission of the harmful and hazardous gas methane in the air. The machine can very easily convert waste into compost. 
  • The size and space that this machine takes up very little floor space. It is very compact in size, which makes it more useful. 
  • The benefits of composting are many. One of the major benefits of the same by using an organic waste composter is that helps in maintaining soil fertility by making waste into compost. Soil can retain more water with the help of compost and lead to better crops for all of us. Due to composting, you have a natural fertilizer that is healthy and does not have any health hazards for us or the environment. If you use natural compost, you do not require any artificial fertiliser for improving plant growth.

What are the areas where these machines are most useful? 

As we have mentioned before, there are plenty of benefits of using an organic waste composter. There are many places where it is used and benefits in disposing off the waste that is generated. They are mentioned below: 

  • Corporates
  • Hospitals
  • Universities, schools and colleges
  • Airports
  • Supermarkets 

Alfatherm has developed one of the best organic waste converters that is available in the market. Made with supreme quality, it is used to change waste into raw material that is useful and useable. The product that is made after the conversion is of great use to farmers as they can use it as a natural fertilizer for their crops and farming. Easy to operate, fully automatic and extremely compact – Alfatherm’s organic waste composter is the way you can give back to the environment without much ado. So what are you waiting for, if you have a big industry or business that generates waste, then get your Alfatherm organic waste composter today and give back to Mother Earth!

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