What are the different types of Eternity Ring Settings

Eternity rings are known for their special aesthetic appeal and are one of the best-selling fine jewellery pieces. Diamond eternity rings are a great choice for those who want to show their love and commitment to each other in a beautiful way.

Eternity rings are one of the most popular diamond engagement rings. They are often set with diamonds around the entire circumference of the band, known as diamond full eternity rings.

Diamond eternity rings have been around for a long time. These trending rings are crafted from platinum or white or yellow gold. Gold and platinum eternity rings are the most trending jewellery and are the most preferred engagement rings. There are so many styles of eternity rings that one can choose from. There is an eternity ring to suit any budget.

Various designs of Eternity Rings to choose:-

Eternity rings are a type of diamond ring that is available in many different designs and settings. They are also known as Infinity Rings or Love Rings, as they symbolise the eternal love of two individuals. ​

Eternity rings are made up of a sequence of small round brilliant diamonds or other precious stones set on the same plane. The number of diamonds in an eternity ring ranges from 3 to 10, with 4, 6 and 8 being the most popular.

Different Styles of Eternity Rings

The main styles of eternity rings are full eternity, half eternity and quarter eternity. The full eternity ring has diamonds or stones set around the band.

Diamond half eternity rings have stones set halfway around and the quarter eternity rings only have stones set around a quarter of the way around the band.

The most popular style of eternity ring is the diamond full eternity ring because they offer the most sparkle.

The diamond half eternity rings are a close second because they are a bit more subdued. The quarter eternity rings are the least popular.

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Different Types of Eternity Ring Settings

There are a few different types of settings for eternity rings. The most common is the prong setting (or the claw setting), which is when the diamonds are set in metal prongs. The other popular setting is the channel setting, which is when the diamonds are set in a metal rim.

Every type of eternity ring setting is intended to hold a variety of diamond shapes and is often created from platinum or 18-karat white or yellow gold. Either the entire band of the eternity ring or only a portion of it may be set with diamonds.

The four primary settings for eternity rings are claw setting, channel setting, pavé setting and cut down setting.

Eternity Rings with a Claw Setting

The claw setting in Eternity Rings is by far the most conventional. Four prongs extend from the band of the eternity ring to hold the diamonds firmly in place. The fact that almost all diamond shapes and sizes fit snugly inside the claw set eternity bands is its main advantage.

Eternity Rings with Channel Setting

The stones in a channel set eternity ring are set in a metal channel, making it a seamless row of stones placed together. Diamonds or gemstones are placed beside each other without any prongs, giving the impression that there is an invisible setting.

Eternity Rings with Cut Down Setting

There is no visible metal strip on each side of the diamonds in eternity rings with cut-down setting.

Eternity Rings with Pave Setting

The stones on a pave set eternity ring are placed like cobblestones placed closely together. The name pave setting comes from the word “pavement”. The stones are placed in clusters for added glitz and brilliance.

So, which style of eternity ring is your favourite?

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