What Are the Important Parts of the Bridgestone Tyres?

While looking for the perfect tyre for your vehicle, you must have lots of doubts in your mind. There is a huge flock of brands in the market, claiming themselves to be the best. But are they really?

How to identify the best tyres then? It certainly must be the way they are built!
So, in this article, we are going to learn about the different important parts of the tyres.

Car-tyre Important Parts Explained

Car Tyres are indeed a complicated fit of different materials, which makes them a vital thing for a vehicle. It is, in fact, the first thing of a vehicle that touches the ground. So, the key elements of a tyre are:

Tread :

It is a crucial part of the tyre, the tread. It is a rubber compound that examines the quality of the tyre grips on dry roads. Whereas in the wet, the best car tyres drain the water or other liquids through the grooves of the thread. The tread maintains contact with the road or the ground and prevents aquaplaning. This part manages the tyre ride on the top of the water without passing it through. It also enhances the loss of control.

Steel Belt:

Rubber-wrapped steel wire bundles provide structural stiffness to the tyre and keep the tread flat for good road contact.


These work in tandem with the gas in the tyre to bear the weight of the vehicle. Low-profile tyres have lower, stiffer sidewalls, which assist the tyre to hold its shape easier when turning. This enhances handling but can make the automobile less comfortable to travel in. The tyre measurement and standard labels are also located on the exterior of the sidewall.

Bead Wires:

These are super duper steel wires that are extremely stretch resistant. Even at high speeds and during violent cornering, they keep the tyre firmly attached to the rim.

Which Car Tyre Brand Should You Buy?

As you already might know that there are at least 100 tyre brands available in the market. So, it can be really difficult to choose the best out of all of them.
When it comes to deciding a tyre brand, there are really no real rules – except that you should choose a ‘premium’ product (or at the very least a company you recognise) over an unidentified budget option. The sort of automobile you own and how you use it will also influence the tyre brand you choose. A powerful sports car will require high-performance tyres with a faster speed classification and a generally softer compound, sacrificing tyre longevity in the process. Pirelli and Michelin, for example, specialise in high-performance tyres and are the preferred choice of many sports automotive manufacturers.

High-performance tyres can indeed be excessive for a typical family car, with mid-range types often providing a higher return on investment thanks to decreased fuel usage (due to lesser rolling resistance), lower wear rates, and lower pricing to begin with. If in doubt, go with the tyre advised by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

We’ve compiled a list of the best tyre manufacturers. Almost all will make a set of tyres to fit your automobile, with models designed for a number of purposes ranging from fuel efficiency to off-road driving.

Bridgestone Tyres:

If it has wheels, Bridgestone probably has a tyre for it. There is a wide range of options for car owners, including winter tyres, all-terrain rubber for SUVs, and high-performance types.

Bridgestone is a high-end tyre manufacturer, yet its prices are frequently competitive with those of competitors. You can get the best Bridgestone Tyres Birmingham from us!

Continental Tyres:

Continental tyres are available in a variety of sizes. Brand of German tyres Continental, like many others on this list, is an OE manufacturer, which means it is selected as the manufacturer fitted tyres by a range of automobile manufacturers, which is a major credential. Continental offers a wide choice of passenger car tyres, ranging from high-performance sports tyres for SUVs to daily tyres.

Michelin Tyres:

Michelin is one of the few major tyre makers to produce track-oriented but traffic ‘cup tyres,’ which are normally found on best sports cars (and cost accordingly). You don’t have to go crazy, though; the brand’s conventional tyres are equally well-liked.

Pirelli Tyres:

Pirelli has gained recognition as a high-end performance tyre manufacturer, not notably as the exclusive tyre provider to Formula 1. It has lately released a line of new tyres for sports car vehicles that capture the appearance while improving on the functionality of previous tyres.

So, you must be wondering where to get the best Car Tyres Birmingham. Worry not and call us at the Tyre City UK. Get the best car tyres from the best brands in the town.

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