What Have the NGOs Done to Empower the People with Disabilities in India?

Disability is the limitation of one’s ability to do something due to physical or mental disorders. A disability can be cognitive, physical, emotional, mental, sensory or a combined form. Many are born with different disabilities, or the disabilities are a result of an accident. There are times when people cannot fight their disabilities even though they try their best. Disabilities create a limitation to one’s capabilities. There are various NGOs for disabled persons that provide special assistance to them.

NGOs Coming to Rescue the People with Disabilities

Disability is considered a development issue. The disabled people are at risk of being kept at bay from mainstream economic and social advantages that others are exposed to. We know, every problem has a solution, and so, the NGOs come to the rescue and provide a solution to the disabled people. Anchal Charitable Trust is an NGO in Delhi NCR that takes special care of the rights of disabled people and provides them with assistance.

The NGO for disabled persons provides support and relief to disabled kids, youngsters, adults and their families. Each carer gives special attention to the cases appointed to them. They brilliantly manage each case and provide assistance and therapy to the ones who need it. The youngsters benefit from services like education, skill development, day programmes, training and employment services. NGO officials provide information, support, aid and services to disabled people and their families. Their primary aim is to provide support and guidance to these families and inform them about various opportunities. They promote and protect the rights of the ones who are disabled.

Responsibilities of the NGOs

Every NGO tries to meet the following basic responsibilities for the wellbeing of society and its people:

• They promote non-profit seeking objectives of the disabled groups.
• They focus on promoting the empowerment of the people who are disabled.
• Furthermore, they organise events to relieve the suffering of the poor and disabled sections of society.
• They are committed to the betterment of the standards of living.
• They ensure that the entire community takes an active part in any event organised by them.
• Furthermore, they act as a voice for the disabled section of society.

Summing Up

Anchal Charitable Trust has a clear vision statement: “A social environment based on sustainable development, which accords every humane ‘Right’ and freedom of expression to the underserved without discrimination.” They are a dedicated group of social workers who take special care of the disabled sections of society.

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