July 4, 2022
IAS Coaching in Delhi

What Makes A Great IAS Coaching Institute

Are you preparing for the IAS exam? The UPSC is one of the most challenging civil service exams in which lakhs and lakhs of candidates from all over India appear each year. However, you will be surprised to know that out of the lakhs and lakhs candidates appearing for the UPSC exam, only 0.2% of them succeed in cracking and finally make it to the administrative or executive chair. Yes, this number is negligible.

Therefore, from this data, you can easily understand the kind of competition you will face. Given the tough battle that candidates have to go through every year, all UPSC candidates must study dedicatedly. However, many consider joining the best IAS coaching in Delhi to prepare well.

Over the years, several coaching institutes have prepared students for the IAS exam. But not all coaching institutes can be termed as the best ones. So, when you are preparing for something as vital as the UPSC exam, you ought to go with the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. Some features or qualities make an IAS coaching center slightly different and better than the other.

This blog will cover some of the qualities that make the IAS coaching center one kind. First, read the qualities given below and select the best IAS coaching in Delhi. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

1. Competent faculty

One of the significant criteria that makes an IAS coaching the most suited for the IAS candidates is its faculty. The better the faculty, the more likely the students will get enrolled in it. Actually, the standard of an IAS institute relies majorly on the faculty and the kind of teaching services that they are imparting. Therefore, a good IAS coaching center with experienced and skilled faculty will automatically gain more popularity than those devoid of efficient faculty.

2. Follows a systematic teaching process

Every coaching center has a discipline that they follow thoroughly. Similarly, when looking for the best IAS coaching institute in Delhi, make sure you choose an institute that follows a substantial coaching policy. The way the classes are held in an IAS coaching center should determine its status. The best IAS coaching classes will finish the course beforehand as there should be enough time for revision and tests.

3. Provide high-quality study materials

The primary purpose behind which most IAS aspirants prefer joining IAS coaching centers is due to the study materials. We all know that the UPSC syllabus is vast. Not all candidates can manage to finish the syllabus within the prescribed time. However, a reputed IAS coaching center can manage to finish the syllabus within the prescribed time as they follow a well-thought-out strategy and ask the students to follow it.

Another thing that UPSC candidates are bothered with is the amount of materials they have to study. This is where the IAS coaching centers in Delhi can help. They provide study materials that highlight the important sections concerning various topics included in the IAS syllabus. As a result, it becomes easier for the candidates to grasp the materials quickly and finish them soon.

4. Conduct mock tests

One of the essential elements of a good IAS coaching class is a mock test. If a coaching center that is specially preparing candidates for the civil service exam does not conduct mock tests, it is not worthy of consideration. So, whichever UPSC coaching center you choose, make sure it conducts mock tests. The objective of these mock tests is to showcase how well the candidates are prepared and how much more of the preparation they require.

5. Have doubt clearing sessions

Most candidates seek out help from these IAS coaching centers only when they fail to manage things themselves. Hence, the coaching classes that allot time for organizing doubt clearing sessions are more likely by the IAS candidates than those devoid of it. Having doubt clearing sessions means you get a separate time to discuss your problem areas. In these doubt clearing sessions, you get into a discussion on various topics. As a result, it helps you form variegated opinions on a single topic.

6. Optimum course duration

The duration that the coaching center has for finishing the IAS syllabus matters. This duration differs from one coaching center to another. Whatever the course’s duration, the mentors of the center should be responsible enough to finish the syllabus on time. The earlier they finish the syllabus, the more revisions and mock tests they can conduct.

7. Standard of teaching

The kind of teaching offered in the IAS coaching  institute classes determines their popularity. As discussed earlier in this article, the faculty in an IAS coaching center has to be strong enough to raise the standard of the coaching center.

8. Provide personal guidance

Providing academic guidance is not the only service IAS coaching centers should offer. Instead, they should extend their services to build the candidates’ personalities. One of the most prominent rounds in a UPSC exam is the personality test. This is the most challenging round for which the IAS coaching centers must thoroughly prepare candidates.

9. Flexible batch timings

Choosing those IAS coaching centers with flexible timings for their classes is more popular among the IAS candidates than those with strict timing. This is because not all candidates appearing for the IAS exam are students. In addition, there are many working professionals who apply for the IAS exam. For them, the flexible timing of the IAS classes is desirable.

10. Student feedback and testimonials

Above all, whichever IAS coaching classes you choose, make sure to go through some student testimonials. This will give you an idea about the coaching center and its standard. The more positive feedback, the better it is.


Therefore, not all IAS coaching institute can prepare IAS candidates in the best possible way. Therefore, if you have to score better marks in the IAS exam, make sure to choose a competent IAS coaching class with all the qualities mentioned above.

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