What to Look for in a Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat

Anyone who plays or has ever played softball knows how important it is to pick out a bat. It needs to feel right when you hold it in your hands. When you take a swing you should feel comfortable all the way through. There are many factors that can throw off your swing and without using a bat that’s right for you you’ll never reach your full potential as a hitter.

If you are in the market for a new softball bat then there are many things to consider. The weight of the bat is very important, as well as how the weight is distributed. You should also know what barrel length would be best for you. Those things combined with a well-known and trusted brand will lead to a winning combination. Miken slowpitch softball bats are some of the most well-made bats out there, but here’s a list of traits to look for when picking out the perfect bat.

When choosing a bat you should be concerned about its weight. There are many factors that come into play when choosing a bat weight that’s best for you. One of the easiest methods to picking out a bat weight is by analyzing your natural size and strength. If you are smaller in nature obviously it may be wise to start with a lighter-weight bat.

Bats are usually between 25 and 30 ounces. The closer to 30 you are on the spectrum, the farther you can potentially hit the ball. If pitch speed and swing speed are kept constant, a heavier bat will hit the ball farther than a lighter bat. The truth is that those factors are hardly constant. If you want a faster swing and more accuracy a lighter bat may be the smart choice. However, in slowpitch softball leagues, because it is easier to hit the ball, it may be smart to go with the heaviest bat that you can swing comfortably.

Balanced or End-Loaded
How the bat is weighted is just as important as the weight itself. When it comes to slowpitch softball bats they are usually balanced or end-loaded. A balanced bat will have an even distribution of weight from the handle to the top. An endload bat’s weight will be mostly distributed to the end that’s opposite of the knob.

Each option has its strengths and weaknesses and choosing which one is right for you is a matter of preference. A balanced bat may lead to a lighter and faster swing. These are fairly common and can be used by any type of player so if you’re sharing a bat this may be the best option. An endload bat can potentially be more difficult to get used to but can lead to some very powerful hits.

Barrel Length
The barrel length of a slowpitch softball bat generally comes in two different sizes, 12” and 14”. People may think that a smaller barrel means less of a sweet spot for the perfect hit. This is somewhat true, but not entirely accurate. A smaller barrel may leave less room for error but when you can hit that sweet spot it will give the ball a much-needed pop.

Once again it comes down to accuracy, power, and your hitting experience and skill. If you are more focused on making contact then a larger barrel is probably your best bet. If you are comfortable with your accuracy and are confident in your ability to hit the ball in the sweet spot then a shorter barrel may be for you.

Why Miken?
If you know the weight and barrel length of the bat you want then all you need to be sure of is that it’s approved for USSSA, SSUSA, or whichever association you are a part of. Miken is a well-known softball bat brand that has bats of many different weights and sizes. They have a mission to elevate the level of play for serious athletes by developing the game’s most innovative high-performance equipment. You can buy Miken slowpitch softball bats and other great brands at headbangersports.com. Visit their website today for some great deals on softball bats.

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