When can I make a Switch to Summer Tyres?  

When can I make a Switch to Summer Tyres

Seasons can make a significant impact on your tyres. If you’re in an area that experiences an extreme climate, you certainly need to switch to the tyres that cater to that particular season. Tyre manufacturers very well understand this, and that’s why they make tyres according to the seasons. These tyres are designed keeping the weather conditions in mind. The components of these tyres are different, and so they work well in their respective seasons like summer tyres for summer and winters for winter.

The question that arises here is when to know that winters are gone, and it’s time for summer tyres. Summers are the time when you’d love to speed up your car and spend the time on the roads going on long drives. So, this blog is going to educate you on when can you switch to summer tyres. Before that, let’s find out the difference between summer and winter tyres.

What makes summer tyres different from winter tyres?

  • The main difference is the composition of these tyres. The rubber compound of both the tyres is quite different. 
  • Summer car tyres online are designed to run in temperatures above 7°C. If you try running summer tyres below this temperature, they harden up quickly. They don’t remain the same, and you don’t get that excellent performance from them. 
  • On the other hand, winter tyres are just the opposite. They have more silica on them, and that’s what makes them flexible. This lets the rubber stick to the snow. Your tyres don’t sway or slip on those snowy and ice-clad roads. 
  • Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres have numerous sipes on the tread. These sipes are more profound than what they are found in summer tyres. These sipes bite into the snow and maintain a firm grip on the road. These sipes work very well on the cold wintery roads, but the same tyres prove to be a disaster on the summer roads as the climate gets hot. 
  • Similarly, if you try using winter tyres on the hot roads, they aren’t working that well. You’ll experience a problem with braking. 

What things should you take care of before replacing your tyres?

  • The first thing that you must do is to check the condition of your summer tyres. See if there are any cuts or bulges in them. If required, you must get a new set of tyres before you fix them to your car. If they are fine, you can go ahead with the same set. 
  • Check the tread limit of the tyres. They should have at least 1.6mm of the tread left in them. If not, you must buy a new set of tyres. You can check the tread limit yourself by doing a coin test yourself. If the coin goes inside the tread with the head side down, you can continue with the same tyres set. 
  • Check the sidewalls of the tyres too. Proper inspection of the sidewalls is essential for appropriate traction and performance on the roads. Sturdy sidewalls absorb all the shocks on the road. 
  • looking for tyres balancing, get them done before you take them out on the roads. Balancing is essential if you don’t want your vehicle to go awry on the road. If they aren’t balanced correctly, then this can affect the suspension of your car negatively. 
  • The most important thing is tyre pressure. Inflate your winter tyres to the correct amount of pressure. When you store tyres for an extended period of time, they tend to leak air. You need to check the right pressure from your manual and act accordingly. 

Switching to summer tyres from winter tyres is very important if your place experiences a hot climate for most years. So do take this exercise seriously and drive safe. 

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