Where To Invest When The Stock Market Is At The Top?

Avaneesh Parasar

Where To Invest When The Stock Market

In pandemic times the stock market has shown trading close to its all-time highs. Even after covid’s second wave and expected third wave people are willing to invest in direct equities. Many times, what happens is people interpreting for possible gains they invest in the market when it is at its peak.

But the stock prices start going down. In that case, the investors should start selling their equities to save themselves from exorbitant losses by selling the shares at a lower loss. The amount received can be invested in some other portfolio and recover the loss. This process is generally followed for short-term investments and is known as the Strict stop-loss method. Avaneesh Parasar

Here are some stocks that investors can invest in even when they are on the top.

1. Hero MotoCorp:
The automobile giant even after its separation from Honda kept itself intact and earned huge profits for the past few years. Its market has a scope in village areas due to the strength and durability of its range of two-wheelers. The Hero MotoCorp commodity is currently at Rs. 2625 per share at one of its peaks. But being a reputed company has a scope even higher. So, one can give it a thought while investing.

2. Infosys:
The technology sector has not been affected much in these covid times. So, investing in the shares of one of the best tech companies like Infosys would prove to be a great decision. In the near future, it is expected to flourish a lot more as technology is like oxygen to everyone around the globe. It can be an even better option for buying and holding for long-term goals as its growth is worth noticing.

3. Delta Corp:
Another company showing remarkable growth in the covid-19 times as well due to its investment in online gaming which has become a favorite to most of the youngsters. In the lockdown, this was the best time for most of the people. Many industry experts have suggested investing in Delta Corp as it is showing greater growth prospects. The target price is expected to range from Rs.195 to Rs. 233.

4. Bajaj FinServ: Bajaj FinServ is another company whose share is near to its all-time highs even during a pandemic. Bajaj FinServ is into the business of lending to industrialists who need loans or short-term financing for their business. The Closing price as of 28.08.2021 was Rs 16,186. A company that is into the lending business is expected to prosper and grow in the future.

5. Nestle India: Nestle India is again on its all-time highs as Covid- 19 has forced people to rely on and buy packaged items more. Nestle is one of the largest MNC manufacturing packaged food is prospering. Hence it would be beneficial for you to invest in Nestle.

 Finally, it may be stated that these are only interpretations based on the economy’s current scenario and may vary with time. The quoted share price fluctuates and should not be dependent on real investment.

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