Which Fabric Should You Use for Printing T-Shirts?

Which Fabric Should You Use for Printing T Shirt

Printing t-shirts have become a trend in recent times. We very commonly see that a considerable volume of users loves to wear a personalised t shirts. Now to make the t-shirt personalised, different people follow different measures. Some like to embroider their t-shirt and on the other hand some love printing on their t-shirts to make them appear personalised. There are a number of other ways followed in this regard. But among all the methods of making a t-shirt personalised printing happens to be the most common and the most popular one too.

Now, when it comes to printing t-shirts, the fabric is a matter of immense importance. It is because of the fact that printing greatly depends on the fabric with which the t-shirt is made up of. For this reason, the users should be quite careful while selecting the fabric of the t-shirt while planning to print. To make it easier for the users to understand, here we have listed the top three fabrics to be used for the purpose of printing t-shirts.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is undoubtedly the best fabric for printing t-shirts. Cotton is a natural fibre possessing a soft and fluffy texture. Depending on the processing of the cotton, the texture, and persistence of the fabric tend to vary. There are four different types of cotton available on which printing can be done to create a fantastic personalised t shirts.

  1. Basic or normal cotton
  2. Combed cotton
  3. Ring-spun cotton
  4. Organic cotton

Irrespective of the type of cotton, it is an excellent fabric for the purpose of printing. Cotton is preferred as the fabric for printing because of its thickness. The increased thickness allows more of the printing ink to be easily and conveniently absorbed into the fabric. This, in turn, helps in the creation of a more intense as well as vibrant print to the personal design of the t-shirt.

2. Silk

Silk as a fabric provides a beautiful and flat surface for printing. Being a natural fibre, silk has very good absorbing power which is precisely the reason as to why the printing ink is absorbed effectively and evenly at the time of printing. But it is required to be kept in mind that silk tends to move around or slightly shrink during the entire process of printing. For this reason, it is to be made sure to wash the fabric and use table adhesive for the purpose of keeping the delicate fabric firmly in one place prior to printing.

3. Blended Fabrics

Blended fabrics, as can be understood from the name, are a fusion of natural and man-made fabric. The use of blended fabrics adds an interesting dynamism to the t-shirts. The blending of cotton and polyester turns out to be a deadly combination that offers a high level of comfort, adds to durability, and is great for printing. Cotton increases the absorbency power of the t-shirt which makes it good for printing.

There are a number of other fabrics available on which printing can be done to create a personalised t shirts but it is comparatively difficult than the fabrics mentioned above. The increasing difficulty to print increase the cost of printing as well. Hence, people usually opt for the three fabrics mentioned above for printing t-shirts.

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