Why do we need Voltage Stabilizer, how it works, Types and Applications?

Vehicle Power Stabilizer

Voltage stabilizers have specific applications for homely purposes. Now you may find different types of stabilizers with different works and functionalities.

If we see for industrial usage and power regeneration, the voltage stabilizer is same as voltage regulator. It stabilizes the voltage level and protects the device from any shock or sudden failure.

The latest addition in technologies such as P.E. drives and microprocessor chips have significantly changed the features of voltage stabilizers. They are intelligent, automatic, and packaged with many other features. They have a fast response to voltage adjustments with start/stop switches.

About Voltage Stabilisers:

It is an electrical device with constant load voltage irrespective of any error or input fluctuations. The main purpose is to keep the electronic units such as Refrigerator, AC, TV in favourable condition.

It protects the devices from voltage fluctuations, under-voltage, and overvoltage.

Voltage stabilizers are also termed ‘Automatic Voltage Regulators. The usage has no limitation as far as the incoming power supply is concerned. Even the factories that have internal power arrangements, still rely on these AVRs for personnel safety.

You may observe different voltage regulators type. Both digital & analog Vehicle Power Stabilizers are there from top manufacturers in UAE. Thanks to increasing awareness and rising competition towards the safety of vehicles and other devices. The voltage output will depend on the single-phase or three-phase supplies.

The regulation is automatically done by the buck-boost phenomenon of internal circuitry. Three-phase regulators are having extensive applications for unbalanced as well as balanced loads.

Regulators of different ranges and KVA ratings must ensure a stable output with variable internal ranges. It may fluctuate with 20-35 volts, but the overall output must be stable as per industrial standards. If you rely on wide ranges of output, you may change its frequency as well.

You may see wide applications for voltage stabilizers for the units such as refrigerators, TV, Microwave Ovens to other household appliances. Apart from stabilizing function, present stabilizers have additional features like zero voltage switching, overload protection, voltage display, frequency protection, auto/manual start, etc.

Hence, these are very efficient with less power and just 2-5% of the applied load.

Importance of Voltage Stabilisers:

The electronic devices are meant to design to operate on maximum possible efficiencies and nominal operating conditions. Depending on safe operating conditions, the working voltage range must have the +/- 5% limitation.

Input supply is variable and sometimes it is uncontrollable for many unknown reasons. The variable voltage may reduce the working safety and efficiencies of such devices.

Hence, nothing is more important than a safe Vehicle Power Stabilizer Supplier from where we at least expect an intended function. No matter about the overall fluctuation as we observe stabilized and desired voltage output. For having optimum performance and working safety, we must incorporate such efficient solutions against unpredictable noise, surges, and fluctuations.

Like all, voltage stabilizers are also a piece of optional yet mandatory equipment. Voltage fluctuation is common irrespective of any place or condition. There are some listed reasons such as short circuits, voltage fault, lightning, the severity of common faults. We see these faults in terms of under or over voltage as per the electrical analysis.

Effect of Recurring Fault of Over-Voltage:

• It may create severe damage to the devices.

• It may damage the insulated windings.

• You may face sudden power failure or load disruption.

• It may overheat the device.

• Overall degradation of service life is very common.

Effects of Under Voltage:

• Malfunctioning of electrical equipment has occurred.

• It will generate lower efficiencies and power shortages.

• The devices may take extra time to function properly.

• It will have side effects for all minute elements.

• It will also cause overheating due to the drawing of larger currents.

Working Principle of Voltage Stabilisers:

The basic functionality is the buck & boost function. Buck is the Under voltage while the boost is the overvoltage regulation. It is automatic or manual as per selector switches or any other electronic circuits. During the occurrence of over-voltage, we need the basic voltage reduction by buck function.

The same goes with the boost function to carry out the proper operation of the devices without any malfunctioning and lower efficiencies. Voltage stabilization also means applying or cutting down the input voltage levels from primary supplies. Hence, we need a transformer with switching relays and various configurations.

Various transformers’ tapping is available to provide voltage corrections with autotransformers or star-delta transformers. You may observe further in Vehicle Power Stabilizer in UAE where you may interact yourself with different requirements and configurations. You may add better knowledge by your research as well.

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