Why Should Women Consider Getting Hair Transplant

hair transplant for women

Hair loss can occur in both men and women due to a variety of causes and most of them are unavoidable. The impact of hair loss is far too traumatising for anyone irrespective of their gender, lifestyle, and age. These days, women have to protect their mane if they do not wish to experience hair loss later in life. Yet hair loss has become a recurring issue for people of all ages worldwide. Fortunately, medical science has reached a point where hair transplantation is possible to allow people to grow natural hair once again. Hair transplant in Turkey is a massively popular service trusted by a majority of women.

Below are the reasons behind Turkey being one of the most famous global destinations to get hair transplantation done by expert surgeons:

  • Availability of professionals

In Turkey, the abundance of highly expert hair transplant professionals becomes a significant reason why people around the world try to avail their services. These professionals can help both men and women patients to receive the best results once the procedure and aftercare are done. Since hair transplantation could present several complications when the patient is female, one can only trust the expertise of a veteran.

  • Leader in medical tourism

Being a global hotspot for hair transplants in all of Europe, the medical tourism market of Turkey has expanded over the years. By medical tourism we mean, that a huge number of foreigners come to Turkey to get a hair transplant procedure done by an expert clinic of their choice. These hair transplant clinic’s staff ensure a comfortable stay for the patients who pay for their services.

  • Variety of methods for hair transplant

Patients often have less knowledge about their hair loss condition such as its extent and causes etc. Though the baldness pattern in males is quite noticeable but in the case of women, it is completely different and less visible. To treat baldness at any rate and to get results preferred by the patients, Turkey’s expert surgeons provide several methods like SOFT Anaesthesia, DHI, hair transplant with laser, hair transplant without shaving etc.

  • Affordable and convenient

Each specialised clinic based in Turkey that offers hair transplant procedures has packages that fit different budgets based on what do the patients want from their transplantation. But most of these hair transplant packages are light on the pocket. For this reason, women from around the world opt for hair transplants in Turkey since it fits their budget.

From the aforementioned details, it is easy to understand the reasons why hair transplant in Turkey is preferred. This is majorly by women facing extreme hair loss and even baldness. But there is a lot of difference in the type of hair-related challenges faced by men and women. In the following, we have explained some differences you can find in the pattern of baldness faced by men and women for which they choose to have a hair transplant procedure.

Women Facing Hair Loss Problems

We know for a fact that baldness is not a men-only problem. Bu almost 40% of women suffer from it as well. An important thing to consider in the case of women is that throughout their life. They face thinning of hair and gradual hair loss to some degree.

The female baldness pattern which is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia is still the most common cause of extreme hair loss in women. But the worst part about having this condition is that it starts as simple shedding of hair which goes unnoticed for a long time before circumstances go beyond control.

There are some key distinctions when it comes to the baldness pattern in men and women. In the case of male baldness, hair loss affects the frontal area of the head and also the crown. But things are quite different when women have the same problem. Their hair loss gets unnoticed for so long which makes getting a hair transplant in Turkey the best solution.

People learn during the initial consultation with an expert surgeon that, unlike men who go through hair transplant procedures, women are not asked to shave their heads. As it is a clear process, there is no need for women to lose all of their hair.

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