Why should you choose a DIY virtual Event Platform?

DIY Virtual Event Platform

With virtual events picking up pace and every company choosing to go virtual for their events, a new trend of DIY event platforms has emerged. DIY event platforms allow you to build your event all by yourself and are less expensive than completely managed virtual event platforms. Here in this article, we will discuss the top reasons why you should choose a DIY platform over a managed platform. 


Ability to Customize Your Event

Leading Virtual Event Platforms
Leading Virtual Event Platforms

A DIY event platform lets you and your exhibitors customize every detail of your event. You can start right from the design and get into the details of the shape and size of the booths. It allows you to add your brand to the event. You can represent your brand throughout the event. Moreover, the exhibitors can also customize their booths in a manner that helps them promote their brand. Customization helps a great deal in making the event experience smoother for the attendees. 


Less Expensive 

Less Expensive 

DIY virtual event platforms let you build your event yourself and do not provide virtual event management services hence, they are way cheaper than managed virtual events. If you are on a tight budget and still planning to host a virtual event, a DIY event platform is your best bet. Moreover, some DIY platforms even provide a pay-per-use feature or metered services. This means that you will have to pay only for the features and the services you use. 


Autonomy to choose user journey


The users have the autonomy to choose the path they want to follow. They can either choose to go through the lobby or visit the auditorium first. It allows them the autonomy to choose their journey themselves. 


Easy and Quick Event Set-Up

With a DIY event platform, you can easily set up your virtual event within just 15 mins. Just make sure that the online event platform you choose is easy to use and navigate. This will make it easier for you to set up a virtual event and understand the process of building it without any external help. Moreover, if you select the right event solution, you can build your event within just a matter of 15 minutes. 

More Control Over Every Aspect of Your Event

A DIY online event platform lets you have better control over your virtual event. It lets you have control over every aspect of your event. Right from the design to the rooms that you want the attendees to visit, you can control everything. Moreover, you can add elements of your choice to your event. 


Get Detailed Event Insights

Measuring the success of your event is as important as hosting the event. Therefore, the event platform you choose must give you detailed insights into the event and its statistics. Analyzing the event data will help you determine what problems are you facing and what areas need improvement. This data can make it easier for you to improve your future events and also get to measure the activities provided to be successful. After analyzing this data, you can make necessary adjustments to your event strategy and improve it. 


Get Unique Engagement Features

Make sure that the virtual meeting platform has unique features to keep your attendees engaged. It should have features like gamification, live chats, live polls, photo booths, Q&A sessions, quizzes and trivia. These features help keep the attendees engaged and hooked to their laptop screens. Moreover, gamifying your virtual event is a brilliant idea to boost engagement and communication at your online event. 


Live Technical Support 

No virtual event is free from technical errors. Whether it is built by you or a managed event, having technical support will help you ensure a smooth virtual event process. Technical issues can lead to frustrated attendees and make them uninterested in the event. Therefore, you must look for a virtual event platform that can provide you with live support and fix all the technical issues you might face immediately.      


Leverage Technology

DIY platforms use advanced technology to provide the organizers and the attendees with an immersive and engaging event experience. You must select a platform that automates various processes and also provides features like AI matchmaking. AI matchmaking is a technology that matches the attendees with other attendees based on their common interests. Moreover, with the right event platform, processes like ticket booking, registration and payments are also automated. 


Ability to Record Content

Not everyone is able to attend the event live due to urgent commitments. This could make them miss out on integral information and sessions. One of the biggest advantages of a virtual meeting platform is its ability to record the session and the entire event for viewing later, on-demand.


Final Words

Now that you know the reasons to choose a DIY event platform, you can go ahead and explore the various self-managed platforms available and make a choice. 

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